Captains Noon Report – Explorer

Location: Navy Base – Socorro Island
Status: Water Temp 75F
Weather: Blue Skies and Windy NW 15 – 18 Swell SW 4-6

Had two great dives yesterday in the afternoon at Roca Partida. The Tuna were everywhere in the current line. Medium size yellowfin tuna stayed shallow at 30 feet creating a highway of tuna on each side of the rock. We went with the slight southerly current and ran into the school of big galapagos sharks. the sharks came right at us and broke formation when we drifted into through the middle of them. Two big silver tips kept underneath them the entire time. The drift took us past 20 or so white tip sharks circling around in the current. A wall was created by the different varieties of jacks. We matched their swim speeds and joined the formation while keeping a look out into the blue. 100 plus massive tuna swam, 100 pounds or more, flashed their color of silver while they swam on their sides deep below up. Following them was the school of Galapagos. Great way to end the day. Had a nice cruise over to Socorro. Woke up this morning at Punta Tosca. Few white tips and jacks so we left after the first dive to the navy base where we are going to do our inspection then head over to Cabo Pearce for two afternoon dives then the silky snorkel then head over to San Benedicto because the guests were asking to dive the Boiler again. The wind is going to be picking up and tomorrow will be a good chance to dive the Boiler before the winds pick up in the next couple of days. Guests & crew are all happy!
– Capt. Lowel

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