COVID-19 Update – November 16th

Updated November 16th, 2020

Mexico is open.  Flights into Cabo San Lucas are open.   Socorro Island and the Sea of Cortez are open.  We are open and operating with extreme caution during the virus crisis.

Our approach has been collaborative with  government including parks, port captain and the Mexican navy. We have heavily invested in crew training, equipment and measures to keep everyone onboard as safe as possible which includes the development of a 60 page virus protocol document that we have trained on and shared with government officials along with our ideas on processes and procedures. That type of thinking and understanding of our commitment to everyone’s safety is what led to the decision of the local port captain to issue our departure clearances.    

Our guests can expect that life onboard is different than it was before on many levels.   But we still want to have fun and go diving!!  Our top priority is to keep everyone safe and healthy. Please call or email for more detailed information.

Take care

Important notice to our valued guests during the COVID-19 crisis

Our job is to keep our guests and crew safe. Now more so than ever during the COVID crisis. Please ensure that you arrange for a COVID test with results no more than 4 days before boarding. Please bring your printed results, and your temperature log with you for pre-boarding check-in. We are implementing the COVID testing starting on the Nov 28th trip. Per CDC guidelines, if you test positive and are asymptomatic it is recommended that you get a second test. A false positive could occur in which case you will want the retest results. IF you do test positive, you will receive a full credit towards a makeup trip on a later date of your choice. All of our crew members are regularly tested, both on and off the boat. Please read details in our COVID protocols PDFs attached below.

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