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Where to Go and What to Do: Cage with a View

Marine Biology: The White Shark Cafe

Dive Briefs [March 2014]: It's Better in BC - You'll warm to British Columbia's underwater wows

World's best one-of-a-kind liveaboard trips : Off the grid itineraries that elevate the spirit of dive exploration

Revillagigedo Archipelago - Dive with the Really Big Boys Only a Short Flight South of the Border

Migration Pattern of White Sharks

Guadalupe Great Time, Great Moments, Great White Sharks - by Tobias Friedrich

First record of an attack by a cookiecutter shark - Pacific Science - By Mauricio Hyos-Padillam Yannis P. Papastamatious, John O'Sullivan, and Christopher G. Lowe

Connectivity among white sharks - Coastal Aggregation Areas in Northeastern Pacific

Reef Threads Podcast 58 (Nov 2011) Guadalupe Great White Sharks

Guadalupe Great White Sharks - Study: male great white sharks return to Guadalupe Island buy 22 July according to 8 year electronic tagging project.

Nautilus Lifeline - Subaqua (Mar/Apr 2012) French

Nautilus Lifeline - Plongeurs (Mar/Apr 2012) French

Nautilus Swell Port Hardy - IV Digital (Jan 2012) Barb Roy

Guadalupe - Nurkowanie (2012) Andrey Bizyukin

Nautilus Swell Alaska - Plongée (Jan/Feb 2012) Pascal Kobeh

Návnada na žraloky - Ocean (Winter 2011) Andrey Bizyukin

Great White Shark and Divers (Photo) - (Dec 2011) Photo by David Litchfield

Great White Shark Diving Aboard Nautilus Explorer - (Oct 2011) Todd Winter

Plenty of cool, new gadgets you can reel in - (Nov 2011) Susan Cocking

Diving in Alaska, and the Rules of Underwater Photography - (Sept 2011) Larry Cohen

Nautilus Swell Port Hardy - X Ray Magazine (July 2011) Barb Roy & Wayne Grant

Clipperton Atoll - Subaqua (Nov/Dec 2011) Yves Herraud

Nautilus Swell Alaska - (Oct 2011) Maurico Handler

Guadalupe - (Oct 2011) Ludovic Savariello

Nautilus Swell Alaska - (Fall 2011) Stephen Frink

Guadalupe - Предельная Глубина (May 2011) Russian, Andrey Bizyukin

Socorro - Предельная Глубина (Jan 2011) Russian, Mikhail Kisin

Socorro Island Mantas - (Dec 2010) Russian, Mikhail Kisin

The Revillagigedo Archipelago - 002 Magazine, (Mar 2010) Alejandro Martinez

Alaska - The Last Wilderness - SportDiver (Feb 2010) Maria Munn

Alaska - Subaqua (May/June 2009) French, Yves Herraud

Nautilus Explorer - Dive Chronicles (2007) Sandy Sondrol

Alaska Juneau to Sitka - X-Ray Magazine (Jan 2012) Larry Cohen and Olga Torrey

 Deep Breath - Diver (July 2010) ~ Beth & Shaun Tierney

 Wild Alaska - Scubadiving (July 2010/22) ~ Stuart Westmorland

 Gigantes de los Mares - El Buceo (No. 15, 2010) ~ Andreu Llamas

El Gran Tiburon Blanco - El Buceo (No.15, 2010) ~ Andreu Llamas

A la rencontre du grand requin blanc - Planete Bleue Images (January 2010)  ~ Pascal Baril

 White Shark Offshore Habitat: A Behavioral and Env Charac of the E Pacific Shareed Offshore Faraging Area - PLoS ONE (Dec 2009) ~ Nicole Nasby-Lucas et al

Port Hardy - A Slice of BC's Grandeur - Northwest Dive News (July 2009) ~ Barb Roy

Guadalupe - Encuantros Con el Gran Blancos - El Buceo (2009) ~ Charo Gertrudix

Diving Mexico's Socorro Island - Boomer's Abroad (June 2009) ~ R.J. Archer

Alaska - Wetpixel Quarterly (January 2009) ~ Eric Cheng

Isla Guadalupe - Cita con el Gran Blancos - Buceadores (June 2009) ~ Felipe Barrio

Photography in the Galapagos of Mexico - B&H (April 2009) ~ Erin Boyajian & Larry Cohen

Gerardo Del Villar en la Isla de Guadalupe - Caras (November 2008) ~ Gerardo Del Villar

Great White Shark Adventure Healthline (October 2008) ~ Dr. Paul Auerbach, M.D.

 President's Log .. Alaska - Paradise Dive Club (August 2008) ~ Steven Trainoff

Diving with GREAT WHITE SHARKS in GUADALUPE  Northwest Dive News (August 2008)  ~ Barb Roy

Return to White Shark Heaven Dive Chronicles  ~ Sandy Sondrol

Großfisch- Revier tauchen  (5 Mai 2008) ~ Sibylle Gerlinger und Gerald Nowak

Canada's 25 Trips of a Lifetime explore (Mar/Apr 2008) ~ Jackie Davis

Eiszeit  Live tauchen  (1 January 2008) ~ Franco Banfi

Hai Live unterwasser (Februar 2008) ~ Norbert Probst

Archipiléago REVILLAGIGEDO  El Gran Azul (Año 1 Número 5) ~ Jorge Iñiguez

Tiburón Blanco El Gran Azul (Año 1 Número 4) ~ Mauricio Hoyos

Great white shark clip Historical Diving Society charter (October 2007) ~ Jim Holm

 President's Log .. Revillagigedo Archipelago - Paradise Dive Club (March 2007) ~ Steven Trainoff

'The Socorro Islands' - Mexico's Revillagigedos Archipelago X-Ray Magazine (Issue #18) ~ Barb Roy

Diving with White Sharks - The Predator of the Sea The Yacht Report (December 2006) ~ Sean Dooley

L'Alaska: une croisière de plongées En Profondeur (Octubre 2006) ~ Paul Laramée

August 2006 Newsletter San Francisco Reef Divers ~ Contains trip reports by club members

Live-aboard the dive boat; Nautilus Explorer Yachts Charters Magazine (April 2006) ~ Yvette Cardozo and Bill Hirsch

Swimming with Sharks The Los Angeles Times ~ C.J. Bahnsen

Giant Manta Diving In The Revillagigedo Islands The Yacht Report ~ Sean Dooley

Guadalupe's Great White Wonders X-Ray Magazine (Feb/Mar 2006) ~ Barb Roy

The Great Dives - Wooden Island, Alaska Scuba Diving Magazine (Dec 2005) ~ Jeff Wildermuth

An Explorers Log 'Caged' Northwest Dive News (Dec 2005) ~ Barb Roy

West Coast Getaway - Guadalupe Island Northwest Dive News (Dec 2005) ~ Barb Roy

Diving My Way 'Round Vancouver Island Sport Diver (Dec 2005) ~ Yvette Cardozo

Cold Water Adventures Sport Diver (Aug 2005) ~ Yvette Cardozo

Manta City, Mexico Advanced Diver Magazine ~ Cass Lawson

Deep Inside the Passage The Yacht Report ~ Sean Dooley

May 2005 Newsletter San Francisco Reef Divers

August 2002 Newsletter San Francisco Reef Divers ~ Contains trip reports by club members

Liveaboard trip to the Queen Charlotte Islands on the Nautilus Explorer BSAC Travel Club (May 2002)

Wolf eels and Octopus and Bears, Oh My! Diver Magazine (Aug 2003)

Pinnacle Diving in the fast lane. Diver Magazine (Nov 2003)