Explorer was atRoca Partida

Water Temp75℉/24℃


# of divesYesterday: 3

Belle Amie was atEl Canyon

Water Temp76℉/24℃


# of divesYesterday: 4

Undersea was atThe Boiler

Water Temp76℉/24℃


# of divesYesterday: 4

    Captains Noon Report – Explorer June 18, 2018 - - Explorer - It's good to be back at the Boiler!!!. We hit some current along the crossing and we had a later morning ETA into San Benedicto. There is an eerie sense of the weather. Overcast skies with a warm breeze mixed with colder air are a left over reminder of the storms that came through. The water is blue and the first dive back was well worth the wait

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Nautilus boats are built for Safety
Built for Safety

Most divers would be shocked if they knew what was going on in the engine room and below decks of many liveaboard diving ships. Safety is not something to ever take lightly. We live and breathe safety with obsessive compliance to our Safety Management System under the watchful eyes of our external auditors. See our passenger and safety certificates here.

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Captain Mike has led the way for the last twenty-seven years in consistent and relentless obsessive attention to detail, and making every trip as excellent as possible. That attention to detail shows up everywhere, from each dive briefing, to the choice of dive sites, to dinner service, to the quality and thread count of our Egyptian cotton bed sheets. We never stop stressing over the details. We never stop trying to do even better.

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Hostess Marcella pours drinks at the bar
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A happy crew makes for a happy ship and the very best in guest experience. The men and women on our ships come from around the world and share your passion for Mother Ocean. Every one of our seventy crew and thirty-five shoreside support staff in Mexico and Canada are committed to doing the best they can for you, our guests, and that shines through like a bright beacon of happiness.

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Nautilus Explorer Liveaboard Diving Boat
Nautilus Explorer

We custom built our beautiful Nautilus Explorer in 2000 with a laser focus on safety, comfort and the perfect liveaboard diving boat configuration. Our guests enjoy stabilized crossings on the #1 boat that clients ask for.

NAUTILUS BELLE-AMIE Liveaboard Dive Boat
Nautilus Belle Amie

Our Nautilus Belle Amie is a new build launched in 2015. This is the largest liveaboard diving ship in our fleet and dwarfs her competition. Guests enjoy the ultra quiet rooms, extreme spaciousness and comfortable, stabilized crossing.

Nautilus Under Sea Liveaboard Diving Ship
Nautilus Undersea

Formerly known as the Undersea Hunter of Cocos Island fame, our Nautilus UnderSea is one of the most beloved liveaboard diving boats in the world. After renovations in 2016, the UnderSea gained a full-width superstructure and more!

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Grouper in the Sea of Cortez

Lobsters, turtles and more at Isla Tortuga

On the second dive the current had changed direction so we went to the east side to drift dive and we encountered a piece of old net. While following it we saw it had 6 huge slipper lobsters tangled in it! Everyone that was with our group started to take out their baby knives and Rambo knives to set the lobsters free.

Pod of Dolphins

The Sea of Cortez is Bursting with Life

We had three beautiful dives with mating octopus, seahorse, nudibranchs, scorpion fish, morays and lovely schools of grunts, snapper and surgeonfish also. Not to mention a couple of playful sea lions to brighten our day!

Anemones in the Sea of Cortés

Divemaster Blogs from the Sea of Cortés

The highlights had to be up close and personal encounters with sea lions and a school of 30-40 mobula rays right above my head! This is the biggest school I have ever seen in 10 years diving and I hope there will be more schools to see later in the trip!