Diving at Socorro, have the place to ourselves for today. Except for the humpback whales who woke everyone up this morning.

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Wind is howlin’ today, 20-25 kts from the north steady. Still nice tucked in behind the cliff though, and sunny.
Most of our guests in the lower accommodation staterooms were woken this morning by humpback whale songs reverberating through the ship around 0600.
Dive 1: this morning was great, dolphins, 3 giant mantas, a few hammerhead sharks, and about 8-10 divers saw a few humpbacks from very close. One calf breaching over and over right above them. Dive 2: was quiet.
Not sure what we’re gonna do for tomorrow. Option 1: stay a third day here. Option 2: head to San Benedicto after dinner and dive the Canyon tomorrow.
We’ll see how the rest of today goes and how the weather looks later.
– Captain Gordon

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