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  • Captains Noon Report – Undersea

    Location: On Guadalupe Island Lat N 29 08.54 Long W 118 17.13
    Status: At anchor on 245 ft deep
    Weather: Sunshine on sky 8/8, Wind N 7-10 knts, Swell: Nill. Sea temp: 69-F

    Good afternoon 12:30 hrs. On the surface, Visibility: +100 ft. All cages working only on the surface, in the morning we had our first sharks at 0700 it was “Lucy” coming with “Luca” & “Andy”, all of them interacting with the wranglers. Tonight all the guests were to sleep very soon and this morning all of them waked up very early, putting his wetsuits and trying to get a place in some of the cages. All is happy guests and crew.
    – Capt. Julio

  • Captain’s Noon Report – Explorer

    Location: Just Outside Todos Santos Bay, Ensenada
    Weather: NW 8-12 Swell NW 2-4 Air Temp 72f

    We have a great view of the mountain range to the forward starboard bow. The rugged mountains are a rough brown rising and falling with several peaks. The charter was another descent into amazement. The large female sharks are here. We had 4 sharks yesterday at over 10 feet each. We had Lucy and a new female that looks like a mix between a great white and bull shark. Scarboard is a brute. Her head is wide is a rising bump on her back just before the dorsal fin. She looks like a comic book drawing with exaggerated features. Although Lucy is massive, Scarboard just leaves you in awe, she must be 15 feet. It just keeps getting better as the season continues.

    – Capt. Lowell

  • Captains Noon Report – Explorer

    Location: Sweet Spot East Guadalupe Island
    Weather: Winds NNW 10-15 Swell 1-2 NNE Air Temp 73F Water Temp 70F Vis 100

    Another good day. Three sharks to start the day building up to five at one time. Lucy has come around and even made a run for the surface bait coming straight up and throw half of her body out of the water. Tuna and yellow tails are everywhere. Bait fish are staying close to the hull because the tuna are very active. Wind has picked a little from yesterday. Everyone having a good time. crew good/guests good.
    – Capt. Lowel

  • Captains Noon Report – Explorer

    Location: Spot East Guadalupe Island
    Weather: Sunny Skies with patch white clouds Winds NNW 10-12 No swell Air Temp 72 Water Temp 70
    Status: Vis 100

    It’s nice to have the sun beating down on our faces. The light underwater is amazing. The sun rays pierce the water sending beams of dancing light shards through the liquid medium. We have had an early shark come up to the surface in the morning and then when the cages were lowered to depth we had one big female lurking and coming into our waiting baits. There is a new shark that we haven’t seen. A female, medium in size with the lower portion of her tail is missing. We had a good frenzy at the surface with two sharks racing at the baits. Right after the action calmed there was a duck that waddled in just behind the baits. With a minute we could see the shadow of a sharks finding a path to the bobbing duck. The shark opened it’s mouth and the shark missed the duck. With the duck stunned the shark came by again and the duck vanished under the surface. Four seconds later the duck came to the surface and the shark went on it’s way. All guests, crew & duck happy.
    – Capt. Lowel

  • Captains Noon Report – Undersea

    Location: Lat N 29 08.39 Long W 118 17.09
    Weather: Wind NNE 4-6 knts. Current: N/1 knots. Swell: Nill. Sea temp: 70-F

    Good afternoon 12:30 hrs. At anchor On Guadalupe Island on 255 ft deep. Sunshine on sky 6/8 Cu & Ci 2/8. Visibility: +100 ft. This morning we start with 6 sharks on the submersibles cages, 2 or 3 of them coming up to the surface interacting with the wranglers/baits, we had a couple of jumps (Almost all the body of the shark, only the tail were inside of the water) and one of our guest take a good video of the second one.
    – Capt. Julio

  • Captains Noon Report – Belle Amie

    Location: Guadalupe island, 29.08.07N – 118.17.08W,
    Status: 250Ft to the bottom
    Today is beautiful, changing some as this morning it drizzled a bit, then a nice rainbow over Guadalupe, it was a bit cloudy this morning but then the sun burnt thru the clouds, water is 70F and air is 68F, there is no current and we have a light breeze from the NE, the action almost non stop, guests are up and ready to go by 5:45 as soon as we open the cages they get in, water visibility is over 100FT, we also have the yellowfin tunas around and the smelts and little mackerels have no chance when tunas go after them. today weather conditions are super good i guess the Explorer brought us good luck, we are sharing the island with the Explorer & the Undersea, and the islander. All guests are happy happy!
    – Capt. Beto

  • Captains Noon Report – Undersea

    Location: At anchor On Guadalupe Island Lat N 29 08.37 Long W 118 17.05
    Status: 255 ft deep
    Weather: Sun shine on sky 5/8 CiSt & StCu 3/8. Wind NNW 1/4 N 11-16 knts some gusts 17-20 knts 2 knots. Swell_ Nill

    Good afternoon. Sea temp: 68-F, Visibility: +100 ft. Wrangling and diving ops started as per scheduled. DM report at least 5 different sharks on the submersibles cages at the same time and they can not identify any of them. On the surface cages we have had since early at least two sharks at the same time. Some of our guests are on the dive deck trying to take the best photo for their memories.
    – Capt. Julio