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  • Noon Report – Nautilus Explorer

    GPS POS: 18-59.5’N 112-04.9’W Winds NW 4-8 Seas 0-1, Swell NW 3-4 Second day at Roca has been enjoyable and relaxing. We did see school of hammerheads on dive 2, large tunas, and a few Galapagos sharks. Last night we had Taco Fiesta. Vis 100+, temp 25C. After we complete dive 3 we are going to get underway to the boiler so we can be the first ones there for tomorrow. – Terence

  • Noon Report – Nautilus Under Sea

    147 nm at 20 43.3N-111 06.8W Wind NNW 5-7 kn Seas NW 4-6 ft long swells All guests are happy for the diving with mantas, dolphins and sharks on this trip. Everyone happy. – Reyes

  • Noon Report – Nautilus Explorer

    GPS POS: 18-59.5’N 112-04.8’W WX Winds 8-12 Seas: 4-6 Last dive of the day at Cabo Pearce was amazing. As the divers were completeing their safety stop, a large bait ball moved in over the finger. There were black tips, Silkies, and Galapagos sharks all around. Last night the silky snorkel at Punta Tosca was great. Everyone that partook enjoyed it. Today at Roca the second dive was on fire. We had one black manta, two mobula rays, and schools of hammerheads and tuna. It was amazing. We plan to stay here and dive another day tomorrow. – Terence

  • Noon Report – Nautilus Under Sea

    Anchor at 18 59.2N-112 04.7W in 260 ft depth. Wind NNW 1012 kts and NW 5-7 long swells. After the first dive guests’ comments: 2 mantas,1 Galapagos, 3 silver tips sharks, tons of white tips, big yellowfin tunas, 1 dolphin and one diver had the opportunity to see the Whale Shark. He was very happy. – Reyes

  • Noon Report – Nautilus Belle Amie

    Underway for Cabo. NW seas 4-6′, 10-15 knots NW wind and sunny skies. The last two dives yesterday at the Boiler were also excellent with plenty of Manta action. Surface conditions calmed down as the day progressed. We finished the trip off with wine and cheese anchored in the canyon. Everyone seems pretty happy. – Graham

  • Captains Noon Report – Explorer

    Location: Cabo Pearce
    Water Temp: 24 C

    Today we are at Cabo Pearce, along with the Nautilus Under Sea, Rocio and Quino. The winds are a bit strong outside the bay, 10-15 gusts to 20, with 4-6 ft seas. This morning divers reported Mantas and Galapagos. The current went from mild on the first dive to negligible on the second dive. Sea Temp is 24C. We are hoping for some more action this afternoon on dive 3. After dive 3 we plan to head to the navy base, then Punta Tosca for an evening silky snorkel, and then head to Roca for 2 days. All are happy and having a great time!
    – Capt TJ

  • Captains Noon Report – Belle Amie

    Location: the Boiler
    Status: 100 ft visability
    Weather: NNW wind, 5-7′ NW swell

    Anchored in the bay inside of the Boiler. Overcast skies, NNW wind, 5-7′ NW swell. Fairly rough on the surface but no current and 100′ visibility. Just completed two very good dives. On the first dive there were lots of Dolphins and a few Mantas. The second dive many folks saw both Mantas and Dolphins at the same time. The surface conditions seem to be improving. All guests and crew happy!
    – Capt. Graham