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  • Captain’s Noon Report- Nautilus Under Sea

    Location:Lat N 18 46.58, Long W 110 54.59, Socorro island; Cabo Pearce

    Weather: Visibility 80 ft, temperature 77 F

    Yesterday the last dive in Punta Tosca was the best of the day with 3 friendly mantas at least 40 min playing with our divers. Today we are in Cabo Pearce and our guests are tasting a delicious lunch after two amazing dives. First dive visibility around 80 ft, temperature 77 F, and light current to the N, Our divers saw a couple of dolphins, two chevron and one black manta circling all the area during the dives.  On the second dive the conditions changed a little, visibility get low to 40 ft. water temperature 74 F and the current increase to a moderate to the N, same with the mantas, almost all the dive two chevron and one black with our guests but the plus in this dives were the hammerheads, big school of hammerheads came and went 5 times, guests said probably around 30 or more hammerheads.
    -Captain Gilberto 
  • Captain’s Noon Report-Belle Amie

    Location: Canyon, San Benedicto

    Weather: Visibility 80 plus, Water Temp 74-75f

    Good start to the charter with the first dive at Fundadero- manta, hammer head and silver tips. Second dive we went to the Canyon and had hammerheads, a dolphins that stayed around the groups the entire dive while hunting. Three different mantas were around the groups and there were a good majority of guests that had their first manta experience. Everyone is having a good time. A little windy but hopefully is dies down before taco night.

    -Captain Lowel

  • Captain’s Noon Report-Nautilus Explorer

    Location: Anchored at the Boiler San Benedicto Island.

    Weather: 76 degree water 70′ visibility

    N wind 10-15, N wind swell 2-4', partly sunny skies and light current. We finished the dives yesterday with more shark action at the canyon. This morning's dives were excellent with minimal current. Dive one we started at 0700 with dolphins for everyone. Second dive we had at least 5 Mantas and the visibility has improved a little. We have seen humpback's spouting close by and breaching in the distance, but no underwater sightings. We will finish the day here and head to Roca Partida tonight.
    -Captain Graham
  • Captain’s Noon Report – Explorer

    Location: San Benedicto Island
    Weather: Wind NE 10-15 kts, Waves East wind swell 2-3 ft and West swell 2-3 ft. Mostly sunny skies and light East current. Water temperature 74 F and Visibility 60-70 ft
    Status: Canyon

    We did our first dive at the Fondeadero and had multiple mantas. The second dive had hammerheads and silvertips at the cleaning station. We are going to finish the day here and head to the Boiler for tomorrow as the Southern Sport and Quino are at the Boiler today.
    – Captain Graham

  • Captain’s Noon Report – Under Sea

    Location: Lat N 18 59.29, Long W 112 05.55
    Weather: Winds NE 8-12 kts, Waves NNW 4-6 ft, Overcast sky with some blue patches, Water Temperature 76 F, Visibility around 20-25 m
    Status: Roca Partida

    Yesterday the last two dives were good, on the third dive visibility changed to around 60 ft. Two chevron mantas and one black manta were present on this dive and a school of big yellowfin tunas. The last dive yesterday was a private dive because only 5 divers wanted to dive. They could see a few mantas (coming and going), a big school of jacks, some lonely big tunas and a few silver tips. Today we started the first dive at 0815 with no current for the first dive. The action was super good, at least 5 friendly mantas, one black, and 4 chevrons the entire dive. Some of the divers could see one single hammerhead in the distance, big yellowfin tunas, some silver tips, and the always present white tips. On the second dive, the conditions were almost the same but with a light current to the E. The action was great with 5 or more mantas. During the dive, they came up to the divers and disappeared into the distance. One group of divers could see a small group of around 5 hammerheads, and the other group could see a few more, around 12 hammers, with some big tunas and silver tips too. Lets see what else we can see on the next two dives.
    – Captain Gilberto

  • Captain’s Noon Report – Under Sea

    Location: Lat N 18 59.00, Long W 112 05.54
    Weather: Winds N 8-12 kts, Waves NNW 6-8 ft, sunny day, visibility 60-70 ft and water temperature around 73 F
    Status: Roca Partida

    Good action on this dive with two tiger sharks, one of them was very big. All the groups could see the tigers, a few Galapagos, some silver tips and two chevron mantas. The last dive was also very good. There has been good shark action at the cleaning station with a lot of silver tips, Galapagos and silkies. Today we arrived at Roca around 0620, Rocio del Mar is here but they gave us the chance to jump first. The first dive was good, the animal action was great with at least 5 different mantas, 3 black and 2 chevron, 3 hammerheads, a medium school of yellowfin tuna and a lot of baby white tips. On the second dive here at Roca, we could see a group of hammerheads (20), 2 black mantas and a big school of tuna.
    – Captain Gilberto

  • Captain’s Noon Report – Under Sea

    Location: Lat 19.17.77 N, Long 110.48.43 W
    Weather: Overcast sky in the morning, now blue and clear sky and very sunny. NE wind around 12-14 kts, NW swell 2-4 ft. Visibility 50-60 ft, Water temperature 73F.
    Status: The Canyon

    We started diving at Fondeadero. The first dive (check dive) was very good and the conditions were nice. Everybody was happy, one black manta and at least 3 chevron mantas could be seen and they were very friendly. There was a big school of yellowfin tuna, a couple of dolphins, one of the groups could see a tiger shark and at the end on surface we could see false killer whales. The second dive was also very good, a lot of big galapagos and silvertips on the receiver.
    – Gilberto