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  • Captain’s Noon Report – Explorer

    Location: 19° 17.7’ N / 110° 48.5’
    Weather: Wind: NE 6-10 kts, Seas: swell E 4-6 ft. Clear sky with some clouds. Visibility 25+ meters, Water temperature 27C. No current.
    Status: San Benedicto Island, “The Canyon”

    Today we started with the first dive at Fondeadero, it was the check dive and it was good. Some of ours divers could see two mantas, one black manta, one more chevron manta, one galapagos shark and one diver could see a tiger shark in the distance. The second dive was much better, the action was super good in the canyon! There were a lot of hammerheads, 80 or more circling the area all the time! One group could see 3 different tiger sharks and the rest could see just one big tiger shark. There were a lot of silvertips in the cleaning station and some galapagos. Lets see what else we can find on the third and last dive.
    – Captain Gilberto

  • Captain’s Noon Report – Under Sea

    Location: Lat 18 59.47N Long. 112 05.5W.
    Weather: Sunny Day NE wind 11-15 kts; Seas NE 2-5 ft Water Temp 25C. Visibility 70+ ft Mild current from NEA
    Status: At Roca Partida, adrift.

    Second day at Roca Partida, the weather is better than yesterday morning, but still a bit windy. We have one dive done and second one about to finish. The first dive was great, mostly same action as yesterday lot of sharks, whitetip reef, galapagos, silvertips and silkies, schools of bonitos, jacks and tunas. But, the star of the show was a HUGE female whale shark swimming around the rock. Everyone was astonished to see the huge creature and everyone returned back to the boat super happy. Looking forward to a great day and great dives. We will depart tonight to the boiler for dives tomorrow there.
    – Captain Vicente

  • Captain’s Noon Report – Under Sea

    Location: Lat 18 59.47N Long. 112 05.5W
    Weather: Mostly cloudy with some parts of blue sky. NNE wind 11-16 kts; Seas NNW 3-6 ft Water Temperature 25C. Visibility 50+ ft, No Current.
    Status: At Roca Partida, adrift.

    We arrived this morning to Roca Partida and we found that Rocio del Mar was here. We have done 2 dives so far, they were full of schools of different kinds of jacks, big schools of yellowfin tuna, Galapagos and silvertips sharks and the whitetip reef sharks. On the second dive there was a black Manta that stayed for a while with one group of our divers. We have two more dives to go today at Roca Partida.
    -Captain Vicente

  • Captains Noon Report – Belle Amie

    Location: Anchored at Roca Partida

    Weather: Cloudy skies N wind 10 knots, NW ground swell 4-6′, moderate current NW to SE. Visibility 100′, water temp 79.

    We finished the day yesterday with a beautiful sunset and wine and cheese on the sundeck. Today the Quino showed up so we are 3 boats again. We just completed our second dive and will do one more before departing for Socorro hopefully finding something interesting along the way. The first dive today was fantastic with a great dolphin show. The second one provided hammerheads for all. Guests are doing well.

    • Captain Graham
  • Captains Noon Report – Explorer

    Location: Boiler, San Benedicto Island

    Weather: Wind NW 5-8 knots Swell NW 1-2 foot

    Very Nice Tropical white clouds with light blue sky Water Temp 80f We departed Roca Partida with nothing but smiles. The last dive of the day topped off the experience with a large school of 30+ hammer heads with numerous silver tip and Galapagos sharks mixed in the school. Just under the sharks was a massive school of large yellowfin tuna. The later dives during the day always bring out the animals. We had to say good bye with the sun setting on our stern. The bow of the Explorer pierced the water and created a small spray on each side of the bow. We have been very lucky with weather and seas and the tropical this time of year smells and feels just a little bit more sweeter. We headed to San Benedicto for our last days of diving at the Boiler. The moon was casting a bright line of light onto the sea and it lit our path to the west of San Ben. The morning sun broke through and we are sharing the site with the Aggressor. The first dive blossomed with dolphins bursting on to the site just after the divers entered the water. A pod of 6 or 7 lured our divers down into the deep like a mythical siren. The dolphins hovered in front of the divers coming within an arm’s reach. The pod danced and clicked for us, their bellies turned a pink color as they played with one another. Two mantas join in with the encounter. A chevron and all black manta glided around the divers to their delight. One group of divers were very lucky to back roll into the water right as a pod of false killer whales went by. The group got a glimpse of a elusive animals. The second dive was even more spectacular. The dolphins stay on the rock tower and greeted us just before we rolled in. 6 dolphins once again danced in front of us as a large black manta circled the group. For 20 minutes we enjoyed the company of both the dolphins and manta. The dolphins disappeared into the clear blue however the manta stayed the entire dive gliding through the groups of divers. All the guests were truly amazed and now have dives to remember for a life time.

    • Captain Lowel
  • Captains Noon Report – Belle Amie

    Location: Anchored at Roca Partida

    Weather: Sunny skies, NE wind 5-10 knots, NW swell 3-4′. Light current headed to the south,

    Status: 78 degree water and 80-100′ visibility.

    We finished the day yesterday at the Boiler with more Manta action and then had a smooth ride out to the Roca. We just finished our second dive and have one more planned for this afternoon as we are the 3rd boat. The diving has been good, with Tuna and sharks. Lots of Silvertips today, a few Galapagos and one hammerhead. All guests & crew are doing great.

    • Captain Graham

  • Captains Noon Report – Belle Amie

    Location: Anchored at the Boiler San Benedicto Island

    Weather: Mostly sunny skies, NE wind 10-12 knots, NW swell 3-4’ and light current headed to the north.

    We finished the day yesterday with more great dives at the Canyon. Plenty of sharks and a few Mantas with great conditions. Today we have 100’+ visibility 79 degree water and some good diving. The first dive we had Dolphins, but they did not stick around. A couple mantas have come by, but they have not been super curious. We are going to try one more here and maybe head to the Canyon for the last dive. Tomorrow we are headed to Roca Partida. – Captain Graham – Belle Amie