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  • Captain’s Noon Report – Belle Amie

    Location: Roca Partida – sitting in 230Ft of water
    Status: 18.59.36N – 112.05.17W
    Weather: Blue skies / Light breeze from the NW / Calm ocean / Little current running East / Water temperature average 74F / Visibility is a stunning 120 plus feet

    The dive…AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, BEST DIVE EVER…some of the words guests used to describe the first and only morning dive. Some saw up to 50 or even more schooling Hammerhead sharks, Galapagos, Silver Tips, Silkies, White Tip sharks and lots more but the king of the party was the 18 footer Whale shark. Can’t describe the happy faces and comments of guests…WHAT A DIVE!
    -Capt. Beto

  • Captain’s Noon Report – Under Sea

    Location: At Anchor at Roca Partida – 75M deep
    Status: Lat 18 59.48 N Long 112 04.78WN
    Weather: Winds: 2-4 kts / Seas: N 1-2 ft + NW 5-7 ft / Clear sky with patches of clouds 2/8 / Water temp: 22C / Vis: 25M / Current from NE

    We arrived this morning at Roca Partida. We had this morning a quiet and relaxing dive. Our divers saw a WHALE SHARK hanging around, that was amazing, also some Hammerheads, and a school of jacks. Yesterday we took the decision to sail to Rock Partida after the last dive. The dive was very good. Our divers could see some Mantas, school of around 30 hammerheads, and for our golden ending, when we were on the boat we saw a whale jumping on the surface. Sometimes it is impossible to describe the amazing feelings that we get diving in this beautiful place.

    -Capt. Adrian

  • Captain’s Noon Report – Belle Amie

    Location: San Benedicto (Canyon) – 19.17.70N – 110.48.71W
    Status: Anchored in 75FT of water
    Weather: NW wind blowing 12kts, air temp 73F, very light current running west, water today is 75F and visibility is 60Ft

    The two morning dives have been really good. Guests are happy as the morning highlight was the manta action with up to five different individuals, along with Galapagos, Silver Tips, Silkies, White Tips, one Cceanic Black Tip shark and schooling Hammerhead sharks. There is always that story about the huge shark down there…”MAYBE A TIGER OR A HUGE GALAPAGOS”…no pictures, no proof. Two more dives and the expectations now are high.

    -Capt. Beto

  • Captain’s Noon Report – Explorer

    Location: North bound for Cabo San Lucas, Marina Del Rey
    Status: 20 39.162’N 110 27.322’W
    Weather: Great, Partly sunny 4/10, wind 5-10knots NW Seas: 3-5’ with long swell

    This afternoon will be the trip slide show, check out, and a great dinner. Yesterday afternoon was amazing diving for both our dives at the Boiler with the best manta action of the trip, at times up to 5 mantas interacting with the divers. They completed the day full of smiles.

    -Capt. Aaron

  • Captain’s Noon Report – Explorer

    Location: San Benedicto, “El Boiler”
    Weather: overcast, 7/10. Wind:5N in anchorage early am 5-10N outside, and 5-10N at boiler

    Dive 1: Dove on a lava finger of the north east end of the lava flow by canyon. Great dive with interactive dolphins present, galapagos, silver tips, and a couple mantas. Gently sloping lava finger with cleaning station. Wind was forecast to subside over the morning and swell period increase so following the first dive we weighed anchor and proceeded to check out the boiler. We were not disappointed! Dive 2 was excellent despite some steep choppy waves adding some challenge on the dive deck we safely and smoothly boarded the skiffs and dropped in on the boiler. Vis was reported as medium 25-30M and a bit murky but the dive was amazing with 5 interactive mantas for every group to experience throughout the entire dive! Every skiff returning to the back deck was full of manta cheers, and thumbs up and smiles, as this was by far the best manta dive of the trip, and as one guest said “totally worth the bumpy ride!” We will continue to dive the boiler for the remaining two dives of the trip, as the swells already seem to be lengthening, and wind dropping off. After the last dive we will proceed back to our calm anchorage away from the crowd at the canyon for BBQ steak dinner and a goood sleep for our guests prior to sailing for Cabo in the early morning hours.

    – Capt. Aaron

  • Captain’s Noon Report – Belle Amie

    Location: 18.46.56N – 110.54.52W
    Weather: 10kts N winds so it feel at anchorage, air is 68F, ocean today averages 75
    Status: anchored in cabo pearce, anchor sitting in 110Ft

    We started in Cabo Pearce and started in the bay in front of the arch way at Cabo Pearce. The dive was not spectacular but still divers saw some white tip sharks, few diamond rays and lots of tropical little fish. Someone said they saw a “big big shark” we’re not sure it might’ve been a tiger or galapagos…. Second dive at Cabo Pearce delivered some shark action as a school of at least 15 hammerheads cruised by then a galapagos more white tip sharks. Visibility is 80 plus feet with a strong current running to the north, we have one more dive here then we’re off to the Navy base for inspection, then to Punta Tosca for silky night snorkel.

    – Capt. Beto

  • Captain’s Noon Report – Explorer

    Location: Cabo Pearce
    Weather: Overcast with sunny breaks
    Status:Socorro Isla anchored .1′ off the point, in 103′ water

    Dive 1 was fantastic with good visibility 30M and up to 10 very playful dolphins. There was a moderate south current running, and water was reported at 24C. The divers came back all smiles and thumbs up from the dolphin action. The current backed around to Northerly by the second dive and stood up the wind chop making for some white caps and a bouncy ride to the site, however as the divers came up, most said the conditions below the surface were excellent, with 40-50M vis reported, and huge shoals of schooling hammerheads spread out along the bottom. One diver said easily 50, and one DM reported up to 100 for certain. So far an excellent day at Cabo Pearce. Yesterday afternoon at Punta Tosca was ok with a few hammerheads, and a manta sighted, however on the last dive the visibility turned green. The silkie snorkel made up for a slow last dive ten fold, as we had up to 8 silkies cruising in the flood lights, as well as a couple dolphins crash the party and interact with the divers. Everyone, including the spectators really enjoyed the snorkel, and it was hard to get the divers out of the water and into the hot tub so we could relocate to Cabo Pearce. Stay tuned for more updates.

    -Capt. Aaron