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  • Captain’s Noon Report – Explorer

    Location: Isla Socorro, Cabo Pearce
    Weather: Wind increase to 5-8 gust 10 knots, seas 1-2′ chop at ancho

    Calm wind and seas, sunshine and partly cloudy. Dive 1 was great, water temperature was at 26C and visability between 30-40M. Divers reported 3 friendly mantas, and numerous dolphins crashing the dive sight and playing with the divers. One group sighted a large school of hammerheads near cleaning station in the blue, reported to have possibly 100 sharks in the school! Dive 2- The mantas are still on site, doing looping circles around the divers. Two of the groups were visited by a couple dolphins. Water temp was reported as 26C and visibility is diminishing as wave action increases down to 50-60 f 20-30M. The dive was still very good, however the divers seem anxious to visit some new terrain, so we are preparing to sail to Punta Tosca, and see if we can locate some better conditions and something special! Yesterday afternoon was HOT at Cabo Pearce. Schooling hammers were reported on the first afternoon dive, and mantas continued to interact with the divers in every group. During the safety stop one manta came and lay under the surface above the divers and appeared to rest, or bask in the afternoon sun. We conducted our silkie snorkel yesterday evening at 1845, and for those who jumped into the water it was a amazing experience. The Silkies were behaving like curious puppies more than sharks and following the divers closely, a few times inspecting the fins and giving the divers a start!. We concluded the evening with a fantastic street taco night on the sun (star) deck. Lights, music, a few cerveza’s for the guests, and Chef Steve’s excellent tacos made all very happy. Our guests from Mexico and their friends from Spain showed us all what real salsa looks like after dessert, and they made chef Steve’s homemade pico de gallo bland in comparison.

    – Capt. Aaron

  • Captains Noon Report – Explorer

    Location: Roca Partida, .22′ off anchored in 250′ of water.
    Weather: 5 knots NW in AM- building to 5-8 knots at noon. Seas: 4-6′ swell 1′ wind chop. Sunshine, with partial clouds, 3/10.

    Diving : Dive # 1- The first dive of the day was slightly later than typical schedule due to presence on another Dive vessel being on station prior to our early morning arrival. However, one of the divers got in the water and they were greeted to RP by up to 3 mantas, white tip reef sharks, shoals of jacks, galapagos and ever curious silkie sharks, as well as several large hammer heads coasting the current in the blue water. W/T reported as 26/27C and VIZ 30+M(90-100feet). Dive #2- “Excellente Amazing” was the two words given by our guest from Spain in description of this dive. Upon asking his wife what they saw, “everything.” which she came to elaborate as Mantas, all types of sharks including the hammerheads, and she was particularly impressed with the numerous large yellowfin tuna, (this big- she articulated with arms fully outstretched) Water temp was reported as 26C, visibility 30-40M (90-100+feet) “I don’t know how we can top last two days” quoting a guest and local dive shop owner from La Paz,MX, who has brought his sons and wife as a surprise trip. We are going to sure try!! Yesterday the dives in the afternoon were both excellent for Mantas, Dive master Luis was telling me it was like boiler style manta interaction, but at the canyon. Very hot!
    – Capt. Aaron

  • Captains Noon Report – Explorer

    Location: San Benedicto, Inside anchorage .22′ lava flow/.19′ shore 50′ water.
    Status: 26C and VIZ was 20-25M in blue and 5-15M near manta rock
    Weather: Great, Sun with minimal cloud cover 2/10. Calm wind/calm seas at anchorage

    We are currently at San Benedicto. 1 other vessel to start recently joined by 3 other vessels. Queno Guardian, Rocio del mar, and Socorro Aggressor. Diving : Dive 1 was a good back deck check dive. Guests experienced three circling mantas, one all black. 1 hammer head was sighted, along with a galapgos and silkies. Dive2- Skiff dive to Canyon .1′ south from vessel, and was EXCELLENT- WT 26C vis improved to reported 30+M current increased from east to west. Several mantas circling divers, as well as up to a half dozen large hammer head sharks cruising outside the reef. A large pod of false killer whales also crashed the dive site, and 75% of divers experienced that rare phenomenon. “only thing to top this would be a giant octopus attacking a shark, or two mantas mating” quote one senior diver. “so much happening, I just didn’t know which way to look” quoted a British guest while getting off the skiff. Yesterday afternoon the seas continued to be less than forecast and very comfortable for the transit south. We conducted our crew fire and boat drills, and in the afternoon a good attendance to happy hour and presentation. Chef Steve made a steller Roast beef, which received positive reviews during the capt dinner briefing. All guests and crew happy.
    – Capt. Aaron

  • Captain’s Noon Report-Belle Amie

    Location:Roca Partida, 18.59.29n – 112.05.14w
    Status:Anchored in 220Ft
    Weather:Today it is overcast, wind is 10-12 Knt NW, waves are 4-6ft nw, ocean visibility is an average of 75Ft and temperature is 82F

    First dive current was going west then it shifted to the north. Both dives have delivered some good action, schooling hammerhead sharks, galapagos, mantas, mobulas, silky sharks and much more. On the second one some of the guest saw galapagos sharks hunting.

    -Captain Beto

  • Captain’s Noon Report – Explorer

    Location: 20 34.0N 110 27.1W 143′ from Cabo San Lucas
    Weather: Sun cloud mix 4/10 coverage, Wind 5 k north, seas 3-5’nw swell

    Yesterday afternoon dive was excellent, perhaps best of the trip! Weather was 26C visibility was 80-90′ current was moderate. The divers encountered large school of hammerheads 50-100 reported, as well as 3 circling Mantas above. Everyone was beyond thrilled but not beyond words. Almost makes me wish I spoke french. The guests are lounging on sundeck, or reviewing photos and socializing in the main salon. The trip north has so far been much smoother than expected with forecast wind and seas. Guests are pleased with the trip and enjoying a “day off” from diving.

    – Capt Aaron

  • Captain’s Noon Report – Belle Amie

    Location: San Benedicto, “the canyon”
    Weather: 19.17.82n – 110.48.48w, sitting in 65Ft of water ocean visibility is about 85Ft, water temperature is 82F

    The wind is coming from the NE a bit choppy at anchor, it was cloudy this morning but now the sun is shining through the clouds. What a way to start our trip this morning! Two mantas a chevron and a black manta, but wait, there’s more. Two of the groups saw a 12 footer tiger shark, silver tips, white tips, silkies, galapagos and a school of hammerhead shark and on top of that they all saw dolphins in their safety stop. So there is not that much else for them to see, still we are gonna try to make it better. Guests are having a great time and crew is excited to be here.

    – Capt. Beto

  • Captain’s Noon Report – Explorer

    Location: El Boiler, San Benedicto isla
    Weather: 25/26C Vis 60-80, partly cloudy and 1′ on 3-4′ swell

    “AMAZING!” is the direct quote from one dive master. They’ve been able to spot six different Mantas, 15+ dolphins interacting at the site with the divers. Minimal current and moderate visibility combined are giving us some very happy divers. We are presently sharing the site with the Rocio del Mar and working around each others dive times. “Mantas everywhere!” was the report from the divers. Yet to confirm count from a DM as the skiffs just arrived and the dive deck is buzzing with excitement. The current has increased and is running moderate south to north. The skiff dropped to south of boiler with anticipated results, and the divers look ready for the next dive. Yesterday afternoon Roca continued to be excellent with 40m vis, low surge/current and no other vessels. There were up two three different mantas sighted on each dive and by the fourth dive we had half the guests on deck enjoying the first truly sunny afternoon with low wind and gently rolling seas. They had met and exceeded their dive expectations and were enjoying some relaxing time.

    -Capt. Aaron