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  • Captains Noon Report – Belle Amie

    Location: Anchored at Roca Partida
    Weather: winds N 5-10 Seas 0-1. swell NW 3-4

    Yesterday afternoon we had some great dives at Roca. Lots of sharks. Yesterday evening we had two great presentations by DAN on the work they are doing out here. They are monitoring the EKGs and using sonograms to look for bubbles after a dive. Saw some videos of hearts with no bubbles after a dive, and some that look like champagne after a dive. Then we learned the basics of DCS. Really great stuff. Today on dive 1 and 2 we had more sharks and tuna. On dive 2 we found a school of 15 hammerheads as well as a large green turtle. Viz 30 meters, water temp 24C, medium current switching from E to W.
    – Capt. TJ

  • Captain’s Noon Report-Belle Amie

    Location:Roca Partida
    Weather: Water temp 24C, 30 meter vis, medium current running to the west

    Anchored on the east side of roca partida WX: winds N 5-10 Seas calm, swell w 5-6 ft Another amazing dive day! Just on dive one we had a large whale shark, hammer heads, white tips, Galapagos, and silkies. Roca Partida is on fire! On dive 2 we had slightly less, but the whale shark was still hanging around. Everyone is just speechless. Water temp 24C, 30 meter vis, medium current running to the west. Yesterday afternoon at the Boiler we had more spectacular dives. 5-7 mantas on one dive. They were friendly and kept circling the divers.Everyone is having a wonderful time.

    Captain TJ

  • Captains Noon Report – Explorer

    Location: Heading North, 133’ to Cabo San Lucas, LAT N 20 44.2, LON W 110 25.7.
    Weather: Winds: NW 6-8 kts, Waves: NW 2-4 fts, sunny sky.

    Yesterday after two dives at the boiler, we moved to the canyon. The third dive was good a lot of shark action there, galapagos, silky sharks, silvertip shark, and mantas. And after this dive a big whale shark appeared under the boat and everybody jump into the water to snorkel with the whale shark, we called the Belle Amie and they brought their guests to swim with the animal. The last dive day was really good, everybody was happy. Now we are in sailing day making a good ETA to los cabos. All crew working on their duties and our guests are relaxing in the saloon waiting anxious for the slide show video . Calm seas making this sailing day great.
    – Capt. Gilberto

  • Captains Noon Report – Belle Amie

    Location: Anchored at the boiler
    Weather: Winds N 4-7, seas calm, swell W 3-4

    Yesterday afternoon we had a whale shark on the dive site. Many guests took the last dive to just to snorkel with the whale shark. Everyone was super excited. Today the boiler has been amazing as well. On dive one we had a small family of dolphins, and 3 mantas. Dive 2 we had more mantas. All guests and crew are doing well.
    – Capt. TJ

  • Captain’s Noon Report – Under Sea

    Location: Lat 18 59.588 Long 112 4.882
    Weather: Winds NW 2-4 kts Sea NW 3-5 ft Sunny 6/8 cloud coverage
    Status: At anchor at Roca Partida Depth 80m

    Beautiful calm day at Roca Partida. The morning has given us many white tips, silver tips and galapagos sharks and a large school of jacks. Yesterday the boiler was spectacular, truly one of those days that gives us such a great reputation. The boiler could hardly be called a boiler due to the calm seas we had and the sun gave us a warm toasty day that made it refreshing for the guests to get in and out of the water. The boiler was teaming with mantas that even the skiff drivers could see enjoying taking their time swimming around the guests and the boilers. In addition to the mantas there was the pleasant company of silver tips and white tips to give the guests some shark ation as well. To finish the day the guests took a skiff tour along San benedicto to meet the boat back at the Canyon for a calm dinner and relaxed evening.

    -Capt. Adrian

  • Captain’s Noon Report – Under Sea

    Location: Lat 19 19.660 N Long 110 48.796 W
    Weather: Wind 4-6 kts Seas 2-3 ft
    Status: Anchored at Boiler

    Yesterday in the last two dives in the afternoon in the Canyon were spectacular, our divers came out very happy from the water because they could see a great variety of species; Blankets, White Tips, Big Galapagos, Hammerhead Sharks, Silver Tips and Silkies, also with a splendid fall of Sun our guests could enjoy the taco night. They expect tomorrow in the Boiler to be the same or better. Boiler, 25 degrees of temperature and visibility of 25 to 30 meters. The truth in my short stay in this company this has been the best day of my life! We could observe, 2 whale sharks of about 8 meters, 7 Chevron blankets, 4 Black Blankets, 6 Dolphins and their offspring, White Tips, Galapagos, etc. The Divers are having the most wonderful day since they had never had the pleasure of swimming with Whale sharks. One guest came out of the water cheering and continued to cheer all the way back to the boat.

    – Capt. Adrian

  • Captain’s Noon Report – Under Sea

    Location: Lat. 19 17.740 Long 110 48.430
    Weather: Wind NW 4-6 kts; NW 1-2 ft seas cloudy with breaks of sun, sky 5/8
    Status: Anchored at Canyon

    The guests last night were all in great spirits and were bonding nicely. Some of the guests shared their experiences of how they’re involved in the marine world. They concluded the evening together by all watching Blue Planet together in the salon. The mornings first dive offered a variety of sharks. We had five galapagos, ten silky, eight white tip, seven silver tip, four hammerhead and to top it all off four dolphins and two large tunas. You could see the joy and wonder on the faces as everyone exited the water. The second dive offered six chevron mantas, a school of jacks, seven white tips, seven silky sharks, five galapagos, four hammerheads, and four turtles. The guests were smiling and all sharing their stories with one another. Now everyone is looking forward to lunch and to get back into the water.