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San Ignacio Lagoon Grey Whales

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We are proud to continue 27 years of continuous beach camp operations with the grey whales at San Ignacio Lagoon while providing an injection of new energy, excellence in guest experience and safety, new equipment and the introduction of luxury and sophistication. Tim Means and Baja Expeditions truly pioneered eco-tourism in Baja including the first grey whale camp at San Ignacio Lagoon 27 years ago.

After a couple of minutes of watching blows all over the lagoon, our Captain explained a very simple action that would change my life. He told us to be gentle and splash the water with our hands. After a few minutes of splashing, a curious calf grey whale approached and came straight to me. I started rubbing and scratching the baby and she was so happy about that I think she started purring. She stayed with us for a long time and changed the life of all of us on the panga. I’ve seen and done a lot of things in my life but this was far away the most amazing experience ever. The star lit sky that night in camp was second!

— Ronald Z.

Getting closer to a grey whale than you ever imagined

Imagine a 49-foot long grey whale, no more than an arms length away, raising its great head from the water to look you directly in the eye. A mother whale approaches and gently nudges her newborn calf towards your boat, presenting him to be admired. There is a remote lagoon in Baja California where these dreamlike encounters are a reality, and a visit there will touch your soul. At Camp Tio Timo, with Nautilus and Baja Expeditions, we invite you to share in this unforgettable experience. 

Once hunted to near extinction and branded as “devil fish” due to aggressive attacks on whaling boats, grey whales have since undergone both a remarkable recovery in population and a moving transformation in their view of humankind. San Ignacio Lagoon, with decades of respectful ecotourism, has been the center of this heartwarming display of forgiveness and redemption, where grey whales place their trust in humans to the point of seeking out interaction with visitors.

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