The Sea of Cortez is Beautiful!

We ran week-long trips out of La Paz for years but frankly, the diving was not as good as Socorro and Guadalupe and we kind of lost interest. That has changed with new exciting offerings, and we are back in the Sea of Cortez with gusto, enthusiasm and the Nautilus Gallant Lady, our 116 foot Broward motor yacht accommodating 12 guests in luxury.

Map of the Sea of Cortez
Cabo Pulmo Bull sharks diving

Ahhh Cabo Pulmo. We believe this is the best diving in the Sea of Cortez. Bull sharks. Big fish. Giant schools of fish. Coral reefs. Humpback whales in season through mid-January, and much more!

This tightly protected marine park is a living example of a local community transitioning from subsistence fishing to successful eco-tourism. It’s the story of an ecosystem brought back to life after a century of over-fishing and exploitation.

Nautilus Gallant Lady at Sea of Cortez

We will take you anywhere you want to go and for however long you want to go. This is the beauty of chartering a private yacht that specializes in liveaboard diving.

We would love to board you and your friends in La Paz for a week of peak-season diving in the Sea of Cortez. Or how about an adventure up into the Midriff Islands? Just tell us where and when!

The Cabo Dive Center

Our Cabo Dive Center is located on the malecon (boardwalk) in the Hotel Tesoro and is your jumping off point for day diving and multi-day packages. You will get the very best Nautilus experience, whether it is splashing in the water for a complimentary afternoon warmup dive at Land’s End before leaving for Socorro, or heading up to La Paz or Cabo Pulmo for a multi-day dive package.

We want to look after your every need, whether it is equipment rental or sales, day dives, multi-day packages with hotel in Cabo or La Paz, staying on our luxury yacht and diving the Cabo Pulmo marine park, or simply a tank fill or upgrading to nitrox certification.

HEADS UP! We offer complete concierge service with our partners at Cabo Villas.


•  Day trips
•  Warm up dives
•  Nitrox courses
•  La Paz diving

•  Underwater Photography
•  Gear Sales & Rentals
•  Gear Repair & Maintenance

Heads up! We offer complete concierge service with our partners at Cabo Villas

Imagine Yourself getting picked up at the Cabo San Lucas airport and whisked to the property of your choice whether it’s a beautiful private villa, local hotel or resort. We highly recommend the villa option where your only decision is whether you want a private chef and what type of wine you would like to be waiting for you on arrival. This is all part of the door-to-door concierge service Cabo Villas is proud to provide for Nautilus divers.

In addition to accommodations, our partners at Cabo Villas offer numerous adventures before your Liveaboard excursion begins. From ocean-based activities like sailing, parasailing, or kayaking, to land based adventures like ATV tours and zip-lining, Cabo Villas has it all. Have a look at the activities available.