The Particular Magic of the Sea of Cortez Is That You Never Know What You’re Going to See

Our second and third days of diving were all about the sea lions. We saw sea lions on every dive and it was nothing short of amazing. The particular magic of the Sea of Cortez is that you never know what you’re going to see. Our trip experienced sperm whales, other trips have experienced orcas. This remote place is home to so much life. But no matter what you see while you’re here, sea lions are guaranteed. Sea lions have made the wild rocks and small islands their home. Seeing them wild, playing and resting, and swimming and posturing for the position was exciting and a powerful reminder of the vast wildness of the sea.

The crew of the Nautilus Explorer knew the dive sites like the backs of their hands: every dive, we were rewarded with an incredible dive experience because of their local knowledge. This has been an outstanding experience.

  • A. Clark, New Jersey, USA onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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