Nautilus Westerly Liveaboard

Nautilus Westerly

Giving back. At our core, we believe in giving back to Mother Ocean. It’s our ethos. It’s how we feel. One of the ways we do this is to make the Westerly available at cost for conservation or science trips around Baja and out to both Socorro and the Islas Marias. For more details, please call our La Paz office.

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55-ft Pocket Liveaboards

Our stout and quite famous 55 ft pocket liveaboard was originally designed and built by Body Glove as their idea of the perfect California dive liveaboard. We rebuilt this tough little ship for heavy-duty service, equipping it with new engines, a genset, air con, a watermaker, a dive compressor, a massive full length keel, and a complete refit. Over the years, we have had her on expeditions to Socorro, up and down the Pacific side of Baja, and deep into the Sea of Cortez. Originally designed for 25 guests, we normally operate with limited loads of 12 to 14 guests.

Westerly is our “dorm bunk” boat, with bright open spaces below decks, double exits at both ends of the sleeping area, and a back deck that is in the process of being converted to a luxurious super yacht style lounging area, complete with full cover and open sides. There is no better place to enjoy breakfast than our new aft deck lounge. Safety is always job #1 on all our ships and the Westerly is no exception with our great crew, fully sprinklered, and a dual fire and smoke detection system.

Adventures on the Westerly