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Do you enjoy to fixing things and taking pride in your engine room and your ship? Are you a self-starter who prefers working independently rather than under tight supervision? Is a month-on, month-off schedule and good pay with no constraints on maintenance spend, appealing to you? Working on expedition dive boats is not for everybody, but it could be perfect for you if you enjoy adventure, visiting some really cool places, and being out on the water in zodiac inflatables with guests having the time of their lives. Bonus if you are a diver.

Are you someone who likes to have fun, works hard, and takes pride in knowing that your guests just had one of the best trips of their lives? Will you buy into our relentless focus on safety and process? Would you like to be part of a team that almost becomes like family, without any of the politics or backbiting common on some boats?

Do you desire a fixed schedule of a month on and a month off? The pay we offer is among the best on any dive boat anywhere, and tips can be quite awesome and always appreciated.

At Nautilus, we are focused on delivering excellence in guest experience. Our focus includes interactions with some of the most charismatic animals on the planet, such as giant mantas, super-friendly dolphins, whale sharks, schooling hammerheads, and nine other species of sharks. You can also experience the sight of giant schools of mobula rays, orcas, the Mexico sardine run, marlin, and much more.

If you are interested in working in Baja Mexico and Costa Rica and want to contribute to our team, submit your application today.

What Makes Us Different


Mission Focused

The cornerstones of everything we do: safety, excellence in guest experience, happy staff, and happy crew.


Meaningful Work

It is impossible not be worried about mother ocean and our planet. We are deeply committed to the planet and making the world a better place.


Training & Support

We encourage professional development and growth of our staff through training, promotions, and tuition assistance.


Great Benefits

Company subsidized private insurance and group health coverage, travel, friends and family program, and diving lessons for everyone!


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

We are unwavering in our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Never accepting anything less.


Community Commitment

We give back to the community that surrounds us and uphold the values of conservation from our hearts. Through “real” eco-tourism in which we develop programs with local residents and partners, fostering strong relationships.

Current Openings


Diving with sharks and giant mantas. Swimming with orcas and whale sharks. Working in a diving paradise in shorts and a t-shirt. Does a captain or mate position get any better than this? We are recruiting for a super professional liveaboard dive boat captain and mate. We work really hard, holding ourselves to the highest safety standards. The days are long, but our team is scheduled month on/month off, except for those who prefer 2/1. Interested? Give us a ring! STCW II/2 with GOC and enthusiasm for diving are required.


Nautilus Liveaboards Crew

While we encourage our deckhands, hosties, and dive guides to upgrade to STCW, we also offer direct entry mate positions as chief officer. Leadership ability is important, and professionalism along with a focus on safety and processes are a must. You need to be the captain’s 2ic, whether it’s leading the deck team, standing night watch, or helping fill tanks. It’s even better if you have a strong desire to become a captain with us.


We don’t care how many dives you have. What matters most is your attitude and your fit with our culture of cheerfully working as long as it takes to give our guests the time of their lives while keeping everyone safe. Experienced and mature dive guides have found a long-term home here. Young individuals with 250 dives have worked super hard with us and are on their way to their mate’s tickets.


Hostess Job 2023

Join us for some amazing adventure at sea in Baja, Mexico, some laughs and the opportunity to meet some really nice people. Experience the joy of interacting with some of the most spectacular animals in the ocean and the most remote beautiful scenery in the world. We are recruiting direct-entry senior hosties (stewards) with a strong service experience and a proven ability to get the job done. This is different from working on a yacht. It’s about looking after guests who are visiting your home and making sure they have a great time. Great pay and a flexible month-on, month-off schedule.

Your Next Career

Nautilus Liveaboard Crew

Don’t see a fitting position, but you are still interested in working for Nautilus Liveaboards, Baja Expeditions or SeeCreatures?

With 200 full-time staff as well as seasonal and freelancers, we are always looking for talented people. We encourage you to send a cover letter and CV with current contact info.

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