Greetings from the pacific ocean. My name is Casey, I am a Divemaster on the Nautilus Explorer and this is my third season coming to Guadalupe island. My passion is for the ocean and everything that lives there. One of my favorite things about working on a liveaboard dive boat is having the chance to get up close and personal with some amazing big animals. In this day and age we usually have to go to remote and protected islands to find the best diving with large animals such as sharks, mantas, whales, and dolphins. Another part of this job that really excites me is getting to know really cool people from all over the world, guests and crew alike, and sharing these incredible experiences in the water with them… > Read more

  • Casey, Divemaster, Nautilus Explorer

It’s 9:30 pm and I have just sat down after working a very long day. That’s the life of a hostess on the Under Sea. It might sound exhausting (and it is), but did I mention my break included a dive with sea lions, sharks, rays and eels!? Did I mention that I have 19 new guests every week from countries all over the world who are eager to fulfill a bucket list dream? I have made lifelong friends here with Nautilus. The work is hard, but it’s also fun… > Read more

  • Anna Clark, Hostess, Nautilus Under Sea

What is to be a Captain in Nautilus? Well, somebody think that it is a easy job, driving the boat and giving orders to the crew, but there is too much behind this. You have to be a Captain, Mate, Deckhand, Engineer, Host, Dish washer, everything, You are having the biggest responsibility of the boat, so you have to make sure that everything runs perfect… > Read more

  • Vicente Martinez, Captain, Nautilus Under Sea

I love my job, I love the people that I work with and I love helping guests with their diving vacation. I’ve been working for the Nautilus for over 6 years. The best part of my job is I never stop learning! There is always something new to learn every day. I work with a great team, everyone works hard to keep the boats running safely and to make all of the guests happy. There is never a boring day in the office. > Read more

  • Jill, Boat Operations, Head Office

I came on to the first vessel Nautilus Explorer when it was fresh coming down from Canada to Baja in Mexico in 2004. There I met the owner and the captain Mike Lever. I stayed for about 4 months but already had work in an other part of the world. 2006 Mike called me and asked if I wanted to be in charge of the diving. I been with the company since with some breaks. I been with this company from Clipperton to Alaska and its been 14 years since I first stepped onboard… > Read more

  • Sten Vikingo Johansson, Divemaster, Nautilus Under Sea

A great and very fulfilling experience is how I can define my relationship with this company. Long shifts, long days, big challenges, lots of sweat and sacrifice, is how I can start to describe my contracts with the company. Easy is not a Word that describes any day on contract with the company, nevertheless amazing, unexpected, epic, a day to remember, wonderful, this are words that could describe a lot of days on contract. Just thinking of all the animals, people,sites, nights,sunsets, it’s just to many great things and at the end of each contract going back home the feeling is always good. > Read more

  • Joel Ibarra, Mate, Nautilus Under Sea

For me working as divemaster for Nautilus was something I wanted to do for years. The two diving destinations are absolutely amazing. During my short time with the company I have enhanced many of my skills and learned many new things. Of course about the respective marine life, but also skiff driving, compressor use, equipment maintenance, how to clean a boat, how to drop an anchor and much more. And I hope to learn many more things. I work one month on, one month off and this suits me well. I like Mexico and the atmosphere between the crew onboard has always been great. The chain of command is transparent. > Read more

  • Jessie Hug, Divemaster, Nautilus Under Sea

8 years with the company has taught me a lot about the work at sea. Very good training to be safe outside and to keep our guests safe and happy. Working like a team is one of the most important things what on board and always do your best. I can mention many things, but it is to much to write down and I don’t want to be a newspaper. I am happy here. I hope I stay for more time learning to be better in my job and to become a better person. > Read more

  • Hernan, Nautilus Under Sea

I being working with the company for almost 3 years, never been on the dive industry before so for me working here has being amazing and challenging since day 1 and i can’t describe how grateful i am for my job. I learned a lot about excellence on guest service during this time, meeting a lot of wonderful people on every trip, being able to work with a very solid crew and also having some difficulties once and while. As a hostess we need to be on top of the game, some times with long shifts and with the responsibility of take care of our guest needs, the rewarding part is to see our guest happy to choose nautilus. I start diving because of this job and i love it. Its a hard job but the reward is worth it. > Read more

  • Nubia Guardado, Nautilus Explorer

Working with Nautilus has given me more professional experience and skills. I love the life at sea. I always gives you new challenges to defeat. Working in diving is something new for me. I discover a new world under water and its amazing. > Read more

  • Oscar, Engineer, Nautilus Explorer

Before I start working here I never worked on a boat before. Working as a Divemaster at a diveschool doesn’t count. As a hostess your main responsibility is to take good care of the guests. I learned a lot on board. Time management, how to deal with people from all over the world, people who have complains, problems or need anything and how to do many things at the same time without rushing it or leaving a mess behind. It is a tuff job, you are always busy with something. If it is not giving the divers drinks after the dive, being at the bar or doing dishes, you will be doing the laundry or preparing for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In the mean time you always have to keep your eyes on the guests. > Read more

  • Lieke de Smet, Hostess, Nautilus Explorer

It’s amazing! 13 years working for the company, and I am still learning. There is always something new to learn. I get to know different people from different cultures all year. I enjoy every trip. I will never forget Alaska and Port Hardy trips. I have been lucky to get this job that has improved my family life. > Read more

  • Kiki, Chef, Nautilus Explorer

I came here as a mate in December with the desire to learn more about the industry and move up to Captain. The opportunity to move up came much faster than expected. Immediately after i moved up, I had a message from the owner letting me know he would assist me with anything I needed during the transition and beyond, and he has. There are long days, days of heavy lifting, and some days you feel you just need to escape for a moment from guests and crew, but there is great reward. The reward is beautiful! It comes in the form of a manta playing with you on your dive. Sometimes it is sitting in awe of a giant whale shark just gently swimming by, or even sitting in a cage watching great white sharks swim around you. > Read more

  • TJ McKelvey, Captain, Nautilus Explorer

I work with Great White Sharks!
Ok well I don’t technically work with the sharks but it sounds pretty cool when people ask me what I do! At the end of the day it’s a pretty awesome place to work. Why? There are so many reasons. But mainly, because I get to make people happy. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve spoken to someone who says “this trip is on my bucket list”. And for us to be able to fulfill someone’s bucket list is a great feeling. Guest experience is one of the cornerstones of our company. We strive very hard to make sure that all our guests are well taken care of. What I truly love about Nautilus is that each and every one of our staff have the same goal and are all working together as a team to make the “apple cart” move forward (or in this case, the boats) to give our guests the best experience possible. It’s true Teamwork makes the dreamwork and at Nautilus it rings true! > Read more

  • Jennifer, Boat Operations, Head Office

Almost 2 years…. Its been so nice and so good working with Nautilus family, specially now been the DM how has been lucky working last month at the NBA, NUS and now NEX…. thank you for a such nice opportunity to share my knowledge and hard work with all crew members on every ship and trip. I hope to had the chance to move up on the company and keep learning from the people has been longer time than I had. I am happy to work here even with those long days at sea of diving and keeping the ship look nice and clean. > Read more

  • Hector Peredo, Divemaster, Nautilus Explorer

I have been working for this company as mate for a year, I had never served on liveaboard boats before. I have been sailing in some commercial routes and have encountered natural beauty on all of these journey, but nothing compares to the remoteness and peacefulness of these islands so I am able to enjoy every time I jump into water, one thing I like about working here is safety culture of company (frst of the 3 cornerstones of company) as safety officer I feel confident because we provide to all our divers with a personal marine rescue GPS “Nautilus Lifeline, ship complies with national and international safety/environmental codes and shore managers back me up regarding any safety matter. > Read more

  • Zamir, Mate, Nautilus Explorer

Employment – Open Positions

OUR CULTURE: be safe, work hard, be happy, help us excel in guest experience, get some dives in and meet some great people.

At Nautilus we strive to be the best of the best with uncompromising attention to safety, guest experience AND happy crew and staff. We do it all with the highest integrity and the expectation that every person in the company from the cleaning crew to the CEO always do their best.  We expect a lot of ourselves and to be honest,  the “fit” is probably not right for most people. BUT for those who thrive in this kind of environment, Nautilus offers very rewarding positions with fantastic satisfaction – and feeling really good about what we do – with  industry leading wages, training, benefits and loads of scheduled time off. 

We are currently recruiting for the following position:

Director of Operations

Baja California, Mexico

Refit and overhaul manager

Baja California, Mexico

Captain with diving Liveaboards experience

Baja California, Mexico


Baja California, Mexico

Experienced liveaboard divemasters 

Baja California, Mexico


Baja California, Mexico

Photo pro to work within our authorized Backscatter photo centre program

Baja California, Mexico


Baja California, Mexico

Frequently Asked Questions


Once you have applied for a position, you will receive an email confirmation. We then have your application on file and generally review applications within a couple of weeks. If your qualifications are a match, we will be in contact to set up an interview.


Although we would like to speak to everyone we are unable to contact every candidate. If we want to move forward in the interview process, we will contact you.


There is no need to call or email to check on your application. If you received the email confirmation after you applied, we have your application and will keep it on file.


Nautilus operates all year round. All crew positions are scheduled throughout the year.


Safety is the number one cornerstone of our company. Jobs on the ship are physically demanding, each position describes the amount of activity required. When you are interviewed, this will be discussed with you in detail. In general, all crew members will be required to do some physical activity.


A cover letter is optional.  However it helps us to get to know you better.


Our hiring manager who is responsible for that specific posting will have access to your information. They may share your information with other managers in order to make an informed hiring decision.


Nautilus is committed to protecting personal information that is provided to us. When you submit your application, your personal information will be used for the specific purpose of recruitment and hiring.  We will ask for permission prior to contacting your previous employers and references.