Our Values – Our Culture

Built for Safety

Most divers would be shocked if they knew what was going on in the engine room and below decks of many liveaboard diving ships. Safety is not something to ever take lightly. We live and breathe safety with obsessive compliance to our Safety Management System under the watchful eyes of our external auditors. See our passenger and safety certificates here.

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Excellence in Guest Experience

Captain Mike has led the way for the last twenty-seven years in consistent and relentless obsessive attention to detail, and making every trip as excellent as possible. That attention to detail shows up everywhere, from each dive briefing, to the choice of dive sites, to dinner service, to the quality and thread count of our Egyptian cotton bed sheets. We never stop stressing over the details. We never stop trying to do even better.

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Happy Crew, Happy Ship

A happy crew makes for a happy ship and the very best in guest experience. The men and women on our ships come from around the world and share your passion for Mother Ocean. Every one of our seventy crew and thirty-five shoreside support staff in Mexico and Canada are committed to doing the best they can for you, our guests, and that shines through like a bright beacon of happiness.

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Choose from 4 stabilized, ISM safety certified ships

Nautilus Explorer

Canadian shipyard built from the keel up with a thoughtful design intended to support operations from the chilly current swept waters of Alaska to the equatorial heat of Clipperton Island. Recently lengthened to 132 ft, the Explorer was the world’s first SOLAS safety certified dive boat.

Nautilus Belle Amie

The “Belle” is our newest ship, launched in 2015. At 147 feet she is a big, beautiful and very popular liveaboard that is more like a small ship than a dive boat. Guests enjoy ultra-quiet rooms, spaciousness and comfortable, stabilized crossings.

Nautilus UnderSea

Formerly the Undersea Hunter of Cocos Island and IMAX fame, the Nautilus UnderSea is one of the most beloved live aboard dive boats in the world. With a new full-width superstructure, enclosed dive deck and lengthened to 105 ft, the UnderSea is perfect for smaller groups of just 19 divers.

Nautilus Gallant Lady

Our new Gallant Lady is beautiful and combines the luxury of a Broward yacht with thoughtful liveaboard dive boat design. This 116 foot yacht features 6 large suites, accommodating 12 guests, and 1700 horsepower along with hydraulic stabilizers, speeding you wherever you want to go.

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In the Bahia de Los Angeles bay we saw a great many whale sharks as they aggregate there in summer to feed in the plankton-rich waters. We often had three, four, or even five in sight at any one time. And, we had the whole bay to ourselves.


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Nautilus Liveaboards are committed to delivering an experience that directly supports the protection of vulnerable great white sharks.


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Imagine coming face-to-face with great white sharks only a few meters away from you. You can encounter this iconic predator in the wild.