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Mobula Rays and Orcas
Mango Wind + Fast Boat + Spotter Airplane

Mobula Rays are resident year-round in the Sea of Cortez but start aggregating in large numbers late every winter. Getting in the water with hundreds or thousands of these gentle 4 to 5 ft rays is a very special experience, and spring to mid-July is the best time to them. The Sea of Cortez is brimming with life this time of year; super-friendly California sea lions, huge pods of dolphins, fin whales (second in size only to giant blue whales), giant schools of fish swirling like tornadoes, and much more. Early in the season, there are blue whales and loads of humpback whales, and then later we often see whale sharks. BUT our overriding ambition on these trips is to be present when mighty orcas (killer whales) appear. We will be searching hard for them.


Socorro Island

Amazing diving is an understatement.
This is our favourite time of the year to dive Socorro.
Jump onboard before the season is over.


Mobula Ray Madness / Orca / Whale Shark Ultimate Combo

We figured out that the overlap of these 2 season allows for an unforgettable ultimate combination trip!!
First time offered and it should be amazing!


Ultimate Whale Sharks

Who doesn’t want to swim with friendly and curious whale sharks and the best diving in the Sea of Cortez.


5 -Night Sea of Cortez Get-Away

116 ft expedition yachtlimited load 12 guests


Cocos Island of the Sharks

Cocos—just the name elicits a knowing smile from experienced divers. Known as the ‘Island of the Sharks,’ it’s not just about the famous schooling hammerheads where the sharks come to you, but a tiny tropical rainforest oasis in the eastern Pacific. Here, you’ll encounter loads of white-tip reef sharks, marble rays, tiger sharks, and the ever-fascinating lobster and octopus. Of course, there are schools of juvenile horse-eyed jacks and hundreds of creole fish gathering together.