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  • Whale shark ecotoursim diving at Socorro

    Ecotourism at Socorro

    As sharks, whales, tunas and marlins populations plummet, we must carefully choose sustainable actions if we ever hope to keep these big pelagic species from extinction. Through ecotourism, a world where pelagic species thrive and flourish is possible. We know, because we witnessed it, and it was magical.

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  • Mobula Experience, the epic wildlife migration you’ve been waiting for!

    Take a deep breath. Jump in the water. Open Your Eyes. Here they are, before you. Hundreds of Mobula rays elegantly flapping their wings and swimming alongside each other in mesmerizing circles. These rays aren’t just a treasure to see underwater, they’re also quite the aerobatic performers…

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  • Tiger shark at Socorro

    Greeted by the large resident female tiger shark

    Today was our first day of diving here at Revillagigedo and it feel so good to be back on board. The Canyon at San Benedicto did not fail to impress once gain. The water was clear and a slight current was taking us on a westerly direction. Chevron mantas greeted us as we entered the water on the first dive followed by dusky sharks, silver tips, silky sharks, hammerheads, and more mantas.

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  • diver films dolphins with GoPro

    This is the trip of dolphins.

    We started off jumping close to the wall. While swimming towards the receiver, several whitetips crossed our way. Suddenly, a hammerhead appeared in the blue and disappeared as fast as he came. When swimming to the inner side of the lava finger, several whitetips were circling between the rocks, curious to find out what these black things were, making these strange bubbles. Almost as the hammerhead, a big manta, followed by blind passengers below him, showed up swimming gently above us and disappeared again in the blue.

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  • Manta spread the love at socorro

    The Mantas spread the Love

    Yesterday weather conditions invited us to visit Roca O´Neil, not every trip we are so lucky. Once again, we were the only dive boat around to enjoy the site. One after another all groups drifted along the wall with the sweet current mesmerized by the gorgeous lava formations, the arches and the chimneys, but most of all the cheeky mantas, going from on group of divers to the next, spreading the love equally without engaging for too long with any.

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  • Nautilus Undersea and Sunset

    Revillagigedo trip aboard the Nautilus Undersea

    First day, ever, in the Revalli… Reville… in the Socorro islands and we have already feasted with Silver and White pointed Sharks.
    But what will stay forever engraved in my memories, is my first in-dive encounter with a Manta Ray, then the second, the third, the fourth… And someone told me this is only the first day!

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  • Jacks, dolphins and mantas at El Boiler

    We had hundreds of different types of Jacks taking advantage of the current to hunt the smaller Creolfish. It was a great spectacle!! Especially as a dolphin and its young joined the fun and started chasing around the Jacks seemingly just for fun! After 5 minutes the mum and kid reunited swimming together belly to belly away into the blue; they looked just like they were having a little chuckle after scaring the Jacks.

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