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  • Dolphins and mantas galore !

    he last two days have been dolphins and mantas galore! In the last seven dives, we have been lucky enough to be joined by dolphins on four and mantas on four. Yesterday, we were joined by a group of nine dolphins on the first dive just after our group got into the water. They stayed and played for a little while, swimming in circles around us and coming within inches of us. After about 10 minutes they swam off, but we were not sad about the dolphins leaving for long as we were soon after joined by a manta.

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  • Nautilus Gallant Lady

    Smoothers seas ahead for the Gallant Lady

    We have both built and restored dive boats a number of times over the last 27 years. First there was the 50 foot Nautilus VI which we converted from a yacht. Then the 85 foot Nautilus VII, an old wooden WW2 sub chaser that had seen much better days but was all that we could afford! Following that, the Nautilus Explorer was our first brand new build and she is beautiful. The 102 year-old Nautilus Swell followed and while she was originally launched the same year as the Titanic (1912), the ship was in immaculate condition and well-loved by all. Our big, beautiful Nautilus Belle Amie was our next new build, followed by a massive renovation and stretching of the Undersea Hunter of Cocos Island fame.

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  • Captains Noon Report – Explorer

    Explorer – Hammer heads, silver tips and galapagos, white tips, tuna again

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  • False killer whales spotted at Roca Partida

    We of course had fantastic dives with plenty of sharks , including large Galapagos, Silvertips and Scalloped Hammerheads as well as several Manta sightings throughout the day. There were also the giant “bait balls” of Bonito Tuna and huge schools of various sized Yellowfin Tuna aswell. Pretty good going to be fair.
    However when you couple this with the several Humpback whales in the area breaching and playing around all day it gets a bit more special. We could even hear the Humpbacks singing on a couple of the dives it was absolutely beautiful.

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  • Socorro aquarium

    It’s already the last day of diving in this great trip to Revillagigedo and we are finishing with one of the best days at The Boiler I have ever had. As we start to get busy at San Benedicto island some dolphins are jumping around the Explorer entertaining our guests having breakfast.

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  • Where should I look? there is life everywhere at Socorro !

    It’s always a good problem to have when you can’t decide where to look. Do you choose the hammerheads, the giant tuna, the bait ball, or the manta? Having so many creatures in my field of view on ONE dive was simply amazing. Roca Partida was a blast! Can’t wait to see what else is in store this week.

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  • humpback whale breaching at Roca Partida, Socorro

    We see more humpback whales this year!

    We get (I think) about 2000 humpback whales to the Revillagigedo. They first come in December and start to return in the end of April. Here they come to give birth, to mate, to fight for the beautiful coming mother humpbacks, breach, dance. They de-lice themselves as well in the warm water.

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