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  • Jacks, dolphins and mantas at El Boiler

    We had hundreds of different types of Jacks taking advantage of the current to hunt the smaller Creolfish. It was a great spectacle!! Especially as a dolphin and its young joined the fun and started chasing around the Jacks seemingly just for fun! After 5 minutes the mum and kid reunited swimming together belly to belly away into the blue; they looked just like they were having a little chuckle after scaring the Jacks.

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  • Dolphins and mantas galore !

    he last two days have been dolphins and mantas galore! In the last seven dives, we have been lucky enough to be joined by dolphins on four and mantas on four. Yesterday, we were joined by a group of nine dolphins on the first dive just after our group got into the water. They stayed and played for a little while, swimming in circles around us and coming within inches of us. After about 10 minutes they swam off, but we were not sad about the dolphins leaving for long as we were soon after joined by a manta.

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  • giant oceanic manta and bottlenose dolphin drifting beside one another

    Sighting scalloped hammerhead sharks

    Our first dive day kicked off with great conditions – calm seas above and excellent visibility below. A mild current over the volcanic rock ridge brought early sightings of large scalloped hammerhead sharks and a couple curious manta rays…

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  • friendly manta floats with diver

    The best dive site of the week

    And the best thing about these creatures is that they interact with us! Playing with our bubbles, gliding over our heads, staring into our eyes… Moments of pure magic!

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  • giant oceanic manta bares belly

    Hammerhead Shark & Manta Show

    We started at San Benedicto island on the search for hammerheads, and we succeeded. Just by the buoy receptor close by the cleaning station these great animals made their appearance. I always said we need to be patient and the animals will show.

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  • chevron manta dances with divers

    Elegant Tuxedo Black Manta

    The first day, one dive with beautiful mantas in El Boiler, they were dancing with four divers for more than 30 min. The black manta is elegant, he looks like he is wearing a tuxedo. The chevron manta, she is huge, more than 5m, swimming slowly and smiling all the time.

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  • roca partida silhouetted against the glowing sunset

    Had a great trip!

    Had a great trip! While the visibility of the 1st dive wasn’t great, subsequent dives were spectacular. Of course ‘El Boiler’ was the best, with dolphins and many manta sightings.

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