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  • Dolphins and mantas galore !

    he last two days have been dolphins and mantas galore! In the last seven dives, we have been lucky enough to be joined by dolphins on four and mantas on four. Yesterday, we were joined by a group of nine dolphins on the first dive just after our group got into the water. They stayed and played for a little while, swimming in circles around us and coming within inches of us. After about 10 minutes they swam off, but we were not sad about the dolphins leaving for long as we were soon after joined by a manta.

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  • Dancing mantas at Socorro

    Happy Guests in Socorro

    Another day, another awesome Manta dive on the Nautilus UnderSea! Our dive guides, Sten and Juan seem to summon them to us with their amazing telepathic skills – either that or we have just been lucky. Seriously though, we have dived all over the world and have never met mantas so curious and friendly.

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  • Manta and Diver at San Benedicto

    The Vikingo in Socorro

    Visibility of an easy 100ft of blue water and a couple of dolphins were sitting vertical, getting cleaned by the Clarion Angelfish but they didn’t get too close to us this time, but the mantas did! We are still trying to ID them but I estimate we had around 10 different mantas around us throughout the day, staying with the divers through the whole 3 dives.

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  • A solo giant manta at Socorro

    From the Sea of Cortez to Socorro

    After a relatively calm navigation, we arrived at San Benedicto not knowing what to expect given the two hurricanes that hit the islands in two weeks. But everything was there just as we left it: a playful pod of dolphins, four mantas, some isolated hammerheads and Galapagos sharks to make a great start in Revillagigedo!

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  • whale shark swims with a school of fish

    Divemaster Casey’s Trip Recap

    The first of the day presented a unique encounter with the dolphins being cleaned by clarion angelfish, followed by nice love from the mantas all day long.

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  • Schooling sharks at Roca Partida

    Diving excellence at Roca Partida

    This trip has been everything I’ve asked for! Today we saw schools of hammerheads (too many to count), Galapagos sharks, tuna and wahoo…and 3 devil rays.

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  • Guest blog – Mind blowing. I’ve never seen anything like it. Hundreds of sharks of every description. The best dive of my life!

    Mind blowing, never seen anything like it; hundreds of sharks from white tips, silvertips, silkies to Galapagos and one hammerhead. Then there were the fish, never seen so many, huge schools of criole, huge black jacks, redtail trigger fish, massive shoals of cottonmouth and some kind of mackerel. The best dive of my life!! – Suzi Another amazing trip on board the NAUTILUS EXPLORER! Five days of Socorro diving proved to be very rewarding. The Silky, Galapagos, Silvertips and even the Hammer heads were at the rendez-vous.  What should also be said and repeated is that the whole crew of the Nautilus Explorer is just amazing.  They make your trip pleasant, exciting and the food.  The very best live aboard crew I have ever had! – Kurt & Manuel San Bendicto Mais um dia incrivel em Socorro, novamente com o presente da ter as mantas voando sobre nos com sua delicadeza indescretivel. A pesar de seus de 6m de envereadura. Um dia penfeito para o fim de mossa viagem! – Ricardo Gloria It was a great pleasure diving with the guests on board the NAUTILUS EXPLORER this trip! After a slow first day the rest of the week proved to…

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