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  • Greeted by Manta Rays

    Greetings from Mobula Rays and Giant Black Manta

    Today was an epic day of diving. The kind that makes your heart smile. On our first dive, we were greeted immediately with mobula rays, and then a beautiful giant black manta that serenaded us the majority of the dive. Amidst the activity some friendly dolphins also checked us out. It was truly breathtaking.

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  • a huge school of jackfish in formation

    Heavily pregnant silky sharks

    We had around 10 sharks with us, two of which were large heavily pregnant females around 8ft long! We also saw a school of squid and the silky sharks hunting small baitfish! At one point I saw a silky actually catch a fish! I felt a bit sad for the little guy but it was a pretty incredible spectacle of nature to behold!

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  • a pufferfish eyes the camera at close range

    Relaxing dives at peaceful Socorro Island

    A few hammerheads were passing by as we dove closer to Socorro Island to finish our dive in the protected area. We were all excited to about what is going to happen tonight. Silky Snorkel at night??!!

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  • amazing golden sunset in the revillagigedo archipelago

    Pod of dolphins, mantas, and humpbacks!

    Boiler has been good so far with a pod of dolphins around the divers and mantas just at once. A humpback whale was jumping out of water about four or five times, showing us how big they can be. The water temperature is 74F, mild current to strong in most of the dive sites, visibility 60 to 70 ft. Another great dive!

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  • roca partida as seen through two lovely glasses of wine!

    False killer whales head-butting

    But as they approached the boat we realized they were not actually the bottlenoses we’d seen a lot. We then realized they were false killer whales! I was incredibly exciting when 15-20 of them decided to stick around. We even saw two of them head-butting!

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  • sunset photo at san benedicto from a kayak

    Mesmerized at San Benedicto island

    Just finished our first day of dive at San Benedicto Island, we started at the Fondeadero with a couple of silkies, following by the south west point of the island called Manta Highway! Guests were mesmerized by 6 mantas gliding one after the other!

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  • black manta ray fills the frame with its face

    Crazy mantas and mobula action

    Dive Day 2-3 get even better at Roca Partida, 3 different Whale Sharks altogether, Silkies, Hammers, crazy Mantas and Mobula actions and amazing time with Tunas, will this get better? I hope so, as the only missing thing on my list is Tiger Shark and Dolphins now.

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