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  • A silky shark at night. Photo by Sandra Haessler

    Sharks for Christmas at Socorro

    We descended right down to the cleaning stations and were greeted by a school of juvenile silvertip sharks, 2 chevron mantas, a hammerhead, and lots of cool fish.

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  • Sea lions play at Bahia de los Angeles

    Bahía de los Ángeles is an Unforgettable Experience

    The highlight of our first day in the Sea of Cortez was snorkeling with whale sharks.

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  • Whale shark in the Sea of Cortez

    Whale Sharks, Orcas, Sea Lions and More in Bahia de los Angeles

    Incredible. There must have been 3 or 4 whale sharks that we swam with.

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  • Sea of cortez Whale Sharks

    The First Report from Bahía de los Ángeles

    The day ended with a whale shark jamboree, with five or six different individuals providing super up close and personal encounters.

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  • Nautilus Under Sea Guests Blogs

    I did three nitrox fun dives, full of life, octopuses, hammerheads, black mantas, mantas, bluefin trevallies, jacks, etc., just thought after the third dive when I had the opportunity to share with the manta my own personal moment, I decide to not to do the third one, but the rest of the team did it. About the crew, as usual, everyone was so helpful, they pamper us, and, as the same way with the manta, I like to think, they are doing it only for me, they make me feel special, they put particular attention on every single detail, from the very nice and detailed way on how the bed is completely set every day, going through the delicious food, to the safety during the dives. Yesterday I finish my six dives in El Canyon in San Benedicto, the experience was, fantastic. Thanks. Another incredible adventure yesterday at Socorro Island, I just did 2 of the 3 planed dives, but more than enough to have an incredible experience with dolphins at Cabo Pierce diving site. We head during the night to Socorro from San Benedicto, it was a smooth trip and early morning have the chance our first dive in…

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  • Dolphins & Octopus at Cabo Pearce

    For me, it was a wonderful first experience at Cabo Pearce. Despite unfavorable surface conditions, we encountered a playful small group of Dolphins. An exposed octopus gave guests a colorful display of its camouflage capabilities as it moved along the bottom shortly before the return of the dolphin that greeted us at the beginning of the dive. All smiles and another great day for all aboard the Nautilus Explorer. – Divemaster Anthony A. Moise

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  • Why do we have to leave? Damn that nitrogen narcosis.. The giant manta is the most gorgeous, graceful fish in the sea!

    December 11th, 2013 Bright and Early before Sunrise, up comes the Anchor at San Benedicto, the Canyon.  Socorro Island.  To the Boiler we go!  Around the corner on the east end of San Ben about a mile off, lies an awesome pinnacle in 150ft of water right to 15ft below the surface.   Clearly able to see the jutting reef from the skiff at the surface (even on a day of “bad” vis), making a free decent more then easy.  Even though, its a rather small pinnacle, and you could do lap upon lap in a single dive; I guarantee you won’t!  You’ll be happy right in almost a single set point in the water.  I know we were this morning!  First dive of the day, we all topple off the zodiac into the water, right atop the pinnacle, yet also able to see the bottom 150 down! Before we even have ourselves oriented from our back roll, a giant Manta, easy 14ft wingspan, glides past us.  Oh boy, was this ever a surprise! especially after not having much luck at the canyon the day prior.  But, the mantas must have been waiting for us at the boiler because all day…

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