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  • Clarion angelfish

    Our beloved Clarion Angelfish

    Being forced by current to jump from rock to rock without a mere shadow of a shark can sometimes be frustrating, but with close attention one might notice that the custodians of our beloved animals (Clarion Angelfish) sometime swim nervously up wondering if our divers might be guests to clean and groom… a nuance that the over-expectant eye may haplessly overlook.

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  • giant manta swims in the waters of socorro island

    Socorro Island – a beautiful place to dive

    Socorro Island – it’s one of the most beautiful places to dive. Today Punta Tosca offers us a nice and clear water dive. A couple of mantas gave us a nice show for 20 minutes, then we start heading a little deeper to find some more life…

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  • Dolphins circling diver at Cabo Pearce

    Circling dolphin encounter

    First dive of the day at Socorro Island at Cabo Pierce and our divemaster was Casey. Before we got to the drop zone we spotted dolphins in the distance.

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  • Nautilus showed its love to Mother Ocean by helping to clean out garbage

    Nautilus takes out the “Garbage”

    After our inspection at the navy base in Socorro Island, we were heading to Punta Tosca to do the silky snorkel. Some of the guests and myself were on the bow watching dolphins play with the boat.

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  • three dolphins casually swim

    Dolphins, playing like children!

    Wow, wow, wow! First two, then four, then finally: fourteen DOLPHINS PLAYING LIKE CRAZY CHILDREN!

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  • Nautilus Under Sea Guests Blogs

    I did three nitrox fun dives, full of life, octopuses, hammerheads, black mantas, mantas, bluefin trevallies, jacks, etc., just thought after the third dive when I had the opportunity to share with the manta my own personal moment, I decide to not to do the third one, but the rest of the team did it. About the crew, as usual, everyone was so helpful, they pamper us, and, as the same way with the manta, I like to think, they are doing it only for me, they make me feel special, they put particular attention on every single detail, from…

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  • Once in a lifetime, to be repeated!

    Here on the Nautilus Explorer each day starts with the normal dive briefing, go here, look for that, get out of the water with this PSI… but nothing can prepare you for the heart racing experience of being face to face with a whale shark. Looking this gentle giant in the eye. Nothing in the world can match the Socorro Islands for diving, where else can you see giant mantas, hammerheads, white tip and Galapagos sharks plus whale sharks all in one spot? The great service, dedicated staff and terrific food provide on the Nautilus Explorer is the icing on…

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