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Ocean & Rainforest Adventures


6 Days / 5 Nights

US$1,695 pp. dbl occ.


Destination Overview

Ocean & Rainforest Adventures

Costa Rica Oceans and Rainforest Adventure: Caño Island diving plus Piedras Blancas and Osa Peninsula National Parks. This serves as the ideal pre or post-Cocos extension, seamlessly blending diving with several days of rainforest exploration led by your onboard naturalist. Following beach landings from our inflatables, we’ll be on the lookout for four different species of monkeys, flocks of scarlet macaws, sloths, toucans, frogs, snakes, and so much more.

Expedition 2024 departs from Golfito in the heart of the tropical rainforest, surrounded by numerous excellent hotels and resorts. We recommend either a quick 45-minute connecting flight from SJO with Sansa Airlines or a very interesting 6-hour drive from either San Jose or Panama City, Panama. As a bonus, we provide an onboard $162 credit to reimburse the one-way flight cost.

Amazing. Beautiful. Fantastic. It’s an experience everyone should have. We hope that you will join us…


Sample Itinerary

2024 Sample Itinerary – Coming Soon


Bienvenidos a Costa Rica!!
Upon arrival at SJO (San Jose International Airport), we recommend either taking the short connecting flight on Sensa Airlines direct to Golfito. Alternatively, for more of an adventure, consider renting a car for the 6-hour drive and adventure driving down to Golfito. We highly recommend arriving in Golfito at least several days early to take advantage of pre-trip extensions. Located a few kilometres north of Golfito is the magnificent Piedras Blancas National Park, which, like so many other parks in Costa Rica, is almost bursting at the seams with an astonishing array of wildlife. Our concierge team will happily assist with hotel and resort recommendations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ocean & Rainforest – FAQs


What dive experience is needed?
We cater to divers of all experience levels, self reliance and physical fitness. Most diving is with our dive guides in which case you need to have the solid skills of an open water certified diver including good buoyancy controls. Experienced and self reliant divers are welcome to “do their own thing”. Private or group dive mastering is available by prior request for those who are less comfortable with their open water skills. Please note: that unless a divemaster has been prearranged for, we only provide dive guiding with solid and informative briefings, in-water critter pointing and assistance with navigation. While our dive guides are all certified and experienced instructors, they are not providing “dive mastering”.

Do I need to dive with a dive guide?
Depends entirely on your experience, self reliance and physical fitness.

What are your safety protocols?
Safety, excellence in guest experience and happy staff and crew are the cornerstones of our business. Nothing is more important than your safety. At Nautilus, we are proud to be the only dive operation in the world with ISM certification and external annual audit of an SMS (Safety Management System). This is the same certification as the largest cruise ships on the oceans. We operate within written processes, procedures and checklists that our captains and crew are trained into both initially and annually. Every dive starts with a briefing on a white board. We require that all divers carry LifeLines marine rescue GPS, SMBs and dive alerts. We will loan you one of ours if you are missing any of this safety equipment. We carry AEDs and extensive medical kits with a contract medical officer available shoreside via our sophisticated satellite communication system.

Is there nitrox onboard?
Yes, and it’s highly recommended for all divers. The cost is US$ 120 per trip.

Water temperature?
78- 82 °F (27 – 28 °C).

Are the boats camera friendly?
YES, VERY! Ask about rental cameras and photo pro services.


What airport do I fly into?
SJO is the code for the Aeropuerto Internacional Juan Santamaría. Please note there is a San José airport in California so please use the airport code.

How do I get to the ship?
Your job is to please get to our hospitality suite at the Marriott. Our job is to look after everything following including seamless transfer to your awaiting ship in Puntarenas.

What time can I board the ship?
Shortly after your shuttle arrives from the Marriott hotel in San Jose. Typically between 5:30 and 6 pm depending on traffic.

What time do we disembark?
07:30 am shuttle transfer to San José International airport or the Marriott if you will be staying in Costa Rica for more adventure. Most international flights depart between 11:30 am and 2 pm so this timing gets you there in good time.

What dive gear do I need to bring?
We provide aluminum 80 cu. ft tanks and weightbelts. Larger steel rental cylinders are available. 5 mm wetsuit recommended to avoid losing body core temp during multiple days of repetitive diving. It’s always better to layer down rather than be cold with no options. We have rentals onboard by prior arrangement for almost anything you need. Please make any rental requests as early as possible.

What to Expect

What’s the weather like and what clothes should I bring?
Well, it’s the rainy season in the tropics!! We recommend casual and cool attire onboard (t-shirt and shorts). It can be drizzly in the afternoons and we recommend bringing a windbreaker and a fleece vest or sweater just in case. Make sure you bring good shoes if you are interested in going ashore for a hike. It’s spectacular onshore. Just wait until you see the waterfalls!

Is there internet and WhatsApp onboard?
Yes. Internet and WhatsApp connection are available for $120 per trip. Please keep in mind that a satellite tracking system at sea only gives limited speed internet access. You won’t be able to stream Netflix!!

What are the sea conditions like? Will it be rough?
There is one night with a short ocean crossing on these trips. That’s it and it will be an adventure. It might be smooth and calm. Or sometimes not in which case the captain will adjust the itinerary to give you the smoothest ride possible. The rest of the trip should be in quite calm sheltered waters. The Explorer is our flagship that has sailed through everything, from the current swept chilly waters of Alaska to adventuring down to Clipperton Atoll, just north of the equator. We always recommend the scopolamine “patch” and a cocktail to help relax onboard.

Is there a fuel surcharge?
Of course not! We figure that dive boat companies that with fuel, surcharges year-in, year-out are just taking an extra fee onto the trip.

What is NOT included in the trip price?
Our ambition is to keep your trip price as low as possible with a la carte options to cater to everyone’s personal choices. Crew gratuities are not included. Neither are rentals, nitrox, internet connection, bar charges, and gift shop purchases.

What fees do I have to pay?
We keep any extra fees to the bare minimum. 5% tax on your trip fee. That’s it!

What’s an appropriate crew tip?
US$ 400 – $500.

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