Socorro Island Landscape

Socorro Island
Giant Mantas & Dolphins


November – July
9 Days, 8 Nights



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Destination Overview

Socorro Island - Mantas

Socorro Island
Giant Mantas & Dolphins

Socorro is magical. Amazing. Baja Expeditions, our sister company, ran the very first trips ever to Socorro 44 years ago and it’s still an amazing destination and oceanic oasis and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Socorro is all about giant mantas, not the number of mantas but the amazing trust they have in us. If a manta looks you in the eye and feels that they can trust you, the most amazing interspecies interaction often follows. That is the magic of Socorro and something we have learned very well since our first exploratory trip out there in 1978. There is more, 15 years ago the dolphins started emulating the mantas when the grandma of the local pod of divers ended up in the arms of dive guide Sten. We now get pod interaction with the bottlenose dolphins on almost every trip.

It’s a rare opportunity to dive Socorro in November. Expect water temps in the mid 80’s and see all the normal critters.

Manta Rays, Socorro Island

The World’s Friendliest Giant Mantas

You can see giant mantas in many places around the world. But nowhere else boasts a population of giant mantas that literally seek out interaction with divers and snorkellers. While mantas are the main reason to voyage out to Socorro, there are lots of other animals to see, including schooling hammerheads and silky sharks, plus 12 other species of sharks, bottlenose dolphins that consistently hang out with divers at certain dive sites, large schools of pelagic fish, and, in season, humpback whales.

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Socorro Island Tours: Dolphins and Diver

Sample Itinerary

Sample Itinerary

Fly into SJD. Cabo.

Day 1

Complimentary Backscatter photo and video workshop at SeeCreatures Cabo San Lucas. 8pm boarding.

Day 2

Traveling and relaxing at sea. It’s a one day run out to the islands. Cocktail hour. Sunsets. Arrive at San Benedicto Island by evening.

Days 3-7

Over five full dive days, you will be able to experience some of our favourite sites such as El Canyon, the Boiler, Red Rocks, Roca Partida, Cabo Pearse, Punta Tosca and Roca Oneal. Average of four dives a day. Expect to see the friendliest giant mantas in the world, bottlenose dolphins, up to ten species of sharks and loads of fish. We will also have other activities to keep you busy such as kayaking and paddle boarding. Or simply relax in our hot tub.

Day 8

Early morning voyage back to Cabo San Lucas. Great time to look back on all your photos and videos, connect with new friends or simply relax during the journey back.

Day 9

Disembark at 8:30am in Cabo.

Hammerheads Sharks

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What am I going to see at Socorro?

The friendliest giant mantas in the world. Bottlenose dolphins that are almost as friendly. Up to 12 species of sharks. Loads of fish. And in season you might see humpback whales, pilot whales, tuna or even false killer whales.

How much experience do I need?

All are welcome. Our roots are in the cold, current-swept waters of BC and Alaska and we have always catered to experienced self-reliant divers looking for complete freedom on their dives. These divers are usually first in the water. We love buddying up with new divers looking for the reassurance of being with a dive guide from the time they start gearing up until they are back on the big boat.

Most divers are somewhere mid-spectrum between these 2 groups and we make sure they are very well looked after as well. Note that several dives may be quite challenging and not suitable for divers of lower experience levels.

How many dives do I get?

Over five full dive days, you will be able to experience some of our favorite sites such as El Canyon, the Boiler, Red Rocks, Roca Partida, Cabo Pearse, Punta Tosca and Roca Oneal.

We know that many of our guests want the option of as many dives as possible and we strive to offer an average of 4 dives a day other than the day that we do our mandatory check in at the local navy base.

Note that weather conditions, Mother Ocean or crowding by some of our competitors may limit some diving.

Where do we meet the boat?

SeeCreatures, located downtown Cabo San Lucas close to the marina. We want our dive center to be your home away from home! Please drop by when you get into town and we will get you kitted up with whatever you need. Maximize your vacation in Baja with savings on our Socorro pre- or post-trip packages including 2-tank boat dives or side trips out to Gordo Banks and Cabo Pulmo.

Can you help me get dive certified before the trip?

YES. We offer a full array of dive courses at our dive center including Nitrox.

Socorro Island Landscape

See What Guests Have Said

What Guests Have to Say About Socorro Island

Roca was a Shark Soup!

SHARK SOUP! On our last dive at Roca Partida, we descended to roughly 60 ft where we were met by White Tip Reef sharks. Read full review

Shelby Cook (Melbourne, FL) aboard Nautilus UnderSea

It was like Shark Wonderland

Roca Partida from the surface to underwater has been mind-blowing. A Rock in the middle of the blue full of life. Full of sharks. The place looked unreal. Read full review


Roca Partida with its amazing wall was an incredible sharky place

We saw 4 Mantas Chevron together at the east within the cleaning stations and 1 black Manta comes from the blue. They have been within the reef even at the last dive! Read full review

Ignacio Hernan Leyro, Scuba Instructor, onboard Nautilus Bella Amie.

Healing with Mantas

When I started working in the Cabo San Lucas bay was the first time I heard about the Revillagigedo Islands. At the time it seemed like a far away dream, full of magical encounters I could only dream of. Read full review

Fernanda Cortina

Spectacular Socorro Trips with Nautilus

This is my third trip to Socorro with Nautilus – twice on the Explorer and once on the Belle Amie. Simply put, each trip has been as spectacular as the next! Read full review

Robert Suntay, onboard Nautilus Explorer

This trip has been a lot of first for me

First time traveling alone internationally, first time seeing Mantas during the day, first time seeing Dolphins in open water, first time seeing Hammer Heads, first time staying on a SCUBA diving liveaboard and first time diving in this part of Mexico. Read full review

John W. from Virginia

The Boiler… now that’s a hot spot!

The boat anchored right by San Benedicto Island, a magnificent old volcano with dry patterns in which you can even see a sleeping woman with long hair (yeah we got plenty of time to watch the reliefs while filling tanks). Read full review

Justin C.

Operated For Safety

Gallant Lady, Sunset

Operated For Safety

Safety is a very serious business. Mother Ocean can be capricious and unforgiving. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and you should expect and demand no less. In our view, every dive boat should be operated within a certified ISM safety management system, outfitted with sprinklers, emergency smoke hoods for everybody and the same safety, fire, life saving equipment and radios as the largest cruise ships. Captains, mates and engineers should have professional commercial mariner qualifications and all crew should have STCW professional mariner certification. Safety is not something to publish in a brochure. It’s part of our DNA. A cornerstone of our culture. Something that we have been living by for every day of the last 30 years.

> Discover Gallant Lady

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Socorro Island Landscape

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