Spectacular Socorro Trips with Nautilus

What makes a diving trip spectacular? What is the pinnacle of diving?

This is my third trip to Socorro with Nautilus – twice on the Explorer and once on the Belle Amie. Simply put, each trip has been as spectacular as the next!

On my first trip, I had a glorious interaction with dolphins! On my second, we watched a beautiful mother humpback whale teaching her calf to breach. And on this trip (and it is only day 2), it was the first time for me to see and film a Tiger shark and schooling Hammerheads in Socorro.

Of course, each trip has been chock-full of sharks, mantas, dolphins, and more! And as with every voyage, the crew has been unfailingly professional, caring, and so very hospitable! Three cheers for Nautilus!

You can be certain that I will continue to recommend your dive adventures to all my dive buddies as THE PINNACLE of diving in this part of the world, and possibly even the planet!

  • Robert Suntay, onboard Nautilus Explorer

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