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  • San pedro martir diving with sea lions

    San Pedro Martir – Sea of Cortez is the richest body of water on our entire planet

    San Pedro Mártir harbors a vast diversity of living organisms both on land and below its waters. To protect its natural riches, the Island has been declared a Biosphere Reserve and it is waters are a CONANP Protected Marine Park.

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  • Diving Guadalupe: Face-To-Face With Great White Sharks – Sustainable Tourism (2/2)

    Nautilus Liveaboards are committed to delivering an experience that directly supports the protection of vulnerable great white sharks.

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  • Captain’s Noon Report – Under Sea

    We had a great finish at Guadalupe with some sharks around and 2 juvenile sharks that were giving some show until the last minute. Looking forward to see what the next trip will bring.

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  • Tiger shark at Socorro

    Greeted by the large resident female tiger shark

    Today was our first day of diving here at Revillagigedo and it feel so good to be back on board. The Canyon at San Benedicto did not fail to impress once gain. The water was clear and a slight current was taking us on a westerly direction. Chevron mantas greeted us as we entered the water on the first dive followed by dusky sharks, silver tips, silky sharks, hammerheads, and more mantas.

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  • Manta spread the love at socorro

    The Mantas spread the Love

    Yesterday weather conditions invited us to visit Roca O´Neil, not every trip we are so lucky. Once again, we were the only dive boat around to enjoy the site. One after another all groups drifted along the wall with the sweet current mesmerized by the gorgeous lava formations, the arches and the chimneys, but most of all the cheeky mantas, going from on group of divers to the next, spreading the love equally without engaging for too long with any.

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  • Dolphins playing at the Canyon

    The Canyon Rocks!

    The Canyon, one of our famous dive sites off Benedicto Island, seems to be the spot to be at the moment!! Diving has been reported as great over the past few weeks with a lot of big animal encounters!! And luckily today was still phenomenal!!

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  • Dive at Socorro

    Eat, dive and repeat…

    Today was a beautiful day, the sun appeared early, and came to announce a beautiful day of diving at the island of San Benedicto, an island of volcanic formation. The divers were divided into three groups – sharks, dolphins and mantas. Mine was the mantas, the last one to go out to the dive sites, which I thought was great, because we had more time to get ready.
    We had our first breakfast, and soon we got in the water. The first point of diving was Fundadero. Soon after we realized the visibility was not the best, but the spectacle was incredible, and in the first few minutes a huge manta came to welcome us! She was watching us.

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