Magdalena Bay Marlin and sea lion chasing bait ball

Magdalena Bay

Mexico Sardine Run & Striped Marlin

“Up to 50 striped marlin were taking turns one by one, slicing in at high speed and attacking clueless sardine,  while the rest of the marlin lurked under the big bait ball pressing the tiny fish against the surface. Dozens of California sea lions were hunting as I’ve never seen before. The whole scenario showed me the top predators role in an ecosystem and  how they share their feeding strategy with other marine species creating very established hierarchy between them. It  amazes me most when this happens underwater. I think we still have a lot to learn from every single animal found on that aqua medium. If somebody asked me which is the trip I wait every year to happen, I would say 100% the Mexican sardine run with striped marlins!”

— David S

Striped Marlin of Magdalena Bay

During October and November, a magical event happens in the nutrient rich swirling blue waters off Magdalena Bay where striped marlin gather to hunt on the second largest sardine run in the world. This thrilling underwater action is spectacular. There is an excellent chance of also seeing california sea lions, dolphin, wahoo, pelicans, different species of gulls, boobie birds, frigate birds, shearwaters and even the awe inspiring albatross.

While it’s best to snorkel or free dive around the bait balls there will be 3 to 4 dives on your week long trip with massive schools of fish, turtles and the wreck of a WW1 submarine and the passenger steam ship SS Independence. But wait, there is more! Humpback whales are on the move at this time of year and if we are really lucky, we might even see orcas or blue whales!

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