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  • Tiger shark at Socorro

    Sten Sees a Sailfish & a Tiger Shark!

    As we were leaving the deeper water, coming out of the Boiler, I had just sent up my SMB when a huge sailfish came straight up from the deep, preparing to go for the SMB!! So cool, and such a surprise! It took a couple turns around the floating SMB with its sail out and then took off. IT WAS SO BIG! Not long after we had a fat, good-sized Tiger shark checking us out. She was in no rush but kept a bit off in the distance.

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  • Whale Shark at Socorro by Howard Hall

    Marine Biologist Miguel Meets his First Manta

    And there it was: a beautiful animal, a majestic MANTA, the first one in my life. My heart started beating fast, my breath was taken away, my eyes and mind hypnotized. The best experience of my life, I finally saw my dream in front of me, a moment I have taught about a thousand times, and it came true, I was not dreaming.

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  • Manta & bubbles at Roca Partida

    See you next season Socorro!

    Roca saved the best for last with a 12 metre whale shark, along with a manta in one of the dives. Simply unbelievable. When we turned around the corner, schools of Galapagos was covering the bottom blue of Roca Partida!

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  • a huge school of jackfish in formation

    Heavily pregnant silky sharks

    We had around 10 sharks with us, two of which were large heavily pregnant females around 8ft long! We also saw a school of squid and the silky sharks hunting small baitfish! At one point I saw a silky actually catch a fish! I felt a bit sad for the little guy but it was a pretty incredible spectacle of nature to behold!

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  • two giant manta rays seemingly doing an aquatic dance together

    Fabulous team & dive masters

    The Dive Masters knowledge of all sites (Coeoiats Cannon, Roca Partida, Punta Tosca, The Boiler and Fondeadero) was invaluable. We were split into 3 dive teams that the dive masters rotated between all groups allowing them to get to know their guests on a one-to-one basis and not just by sight on the boat.

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  • diver floats and plays with regulator bubbles

    Best ever diving on the Nautilus UnderSea

    On almost every dive, we encountered friendly giants mantas, massive tunas, and on 3 dives, the biggest fish of the ocean: a whale shark. Some of us were lucky enough to witness the few hours before birth of a baby dolphin, a couple of divers got the privilege to see the healthy baby 4 days later.

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  • roca partida as seen through two lovely glasses of wine!

    False killer whales head-butting

    But as they approached the boat we realized they were not actually the bottlenoses we’d seen a lot. We then realized they were false killer whales! I was incredibly exciting when 15-20 of them decided to stick around. We even saw two of them head-butting!

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