Amazing Dives Off Roca Partida – Memorable First-Hand Guest Experiences

Here is my story of incredible diving at Roca Partida and El Boiler, experiences that dreams are made of!

We started our trip meeting great divers over delicious food and wonderful hospitality.
Had a pleasant sail to San Benedicto to get started. We had beautiful interactions with mantas all day (manta parties!), lots of great shark viewing (Galapagos, hammerhead, tiger, silvertip, silky), and dolphins! Wrapped up the day with a boat-top taco bar while a green meteor burst off in the distance.

We had a pleasant overnight sail (while we snoozed), and today we had four unforgettable dives at Roca Partida! We were in the company of a beautiful, huge whale shark (the size of a school bus!) and lots of schooling fish (BIG tuna the size of vans), mantas, and sharks wherever you looked.

The Belle Amie is a beautiful, spacious boat with a hot tub. Post-dive hot tub time has become a fun ritual where the group marvels at our ocean experiences and shares a lot of laughs. Feeling very happy and grateful to be here. Thanks to all the wonderful crew and awesome guides for making this possible! Carol & Sara Chiu, & Damon Henrie (Black Mantas Forever)

Roca Partida – A Beautiful Island in the Middle of Nowhere

From Guest Michael

The highlight of the day was the Whale Shark that came right to the Belle Amie and said hello during breakfast. As good as the food is, everyone quickly abandoned their eggs, grabbed their mask and fins, and spent quality time with the gracious creature. It is only the third day of diving and already we have had run-in with three whale sharks! During the dives, we were treated to mantas, dozens of white tip sharks, large Tuna, and huge schools that allowed us to join their class.

Unbelievable Luck at Roca – Close Encounters with the Silkies by Guest Hector Huerta

I want to share one of the most amazing experiences as a diver I ever had with our great Divemaster Peter Romero in Roca Partida in the Revillagigedo Archipelago. He had promised a Silky Shark Run and, oh boy, did he deliver!
In the beginning, we saw a few of those amazing silky sharks but they passed by quickly. We kept on looking for some of the amazing marine life around the area but with no such luck.

Peter asked us to cancel the dive but just as we had given up hope, our luck changed suddenly. He found this amazing migration of Silky Sharks and with the whole group staying together, we were mesmerized by the sight in front of us. There were almost 500 of these wonderful sharks passing by and staying around with us. They were very friendly and came very close and we could see them in every direction.

Such an experience can be expected only from professional wildlife movies and here we were, enjoying the moments live to the hilt.

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