Guest Experiences at Socorro – An Incredible Diving Site

Socorro is one of the best diving sites in the world and guests invariably see exotic sea creatures at a handshaking distance. Check out some of the amazing experiences that they have been through.

Guest Andrea

20 meters below the surface, the sun’s rays peer down, silhouetting the giant manta circling above. She glides along, eyes watching us as her wing tips flick up and down. Being down here, it is another world. Their world. Socorro is a magical place, filled with depth, grace, and beauty. The schools of oceanic whitetip sharks circle below us, while silky sharks hover just above. The tuna fly by, so big you must look twice! Giant lobsters crawl on the reef wall, which if you look closer is teeming with life.

After a beautiful dive with all these creatures, we make our way to the surface, gathering our group for the final safety stop. I circle slowly, taking the opportunity to look in every direction for anything lurking in the distance. I close my eyes and just listen to the sounds. First, I can only hear my breathing. But on listening closely, I heard the chirp of what I thought were dolphins. Suddenly, we see a pod of false killer whales right near the boat. The dive guides pointed with excitement, and we watched them swim around us, curious about the boat and all the people.

Only later did we realize what a rare opportunity this was to see such a majestic creature, and I am so grateful to be a small part of their world. Socorro has stolen my heart and has left me eagerly anticipating a return trip.

Guest Jack Hinkle

Today I experienced the most magical dive of my life at the Cabo Pearce dive site on the Island of Socorro.

About 15 minutes into our dive, we saw a couple of playful dolphins approaching us. They came rather close, but then within a couple of minutes, there were 10 dolphins swarming around us. It was obvious that they were curious and wanted to interact with us. They began to rub against us so we started scratching their bellies and they loved it. If you stopped and looked away, they would nudge you as if asking for more, so of course, we obliged. The group stayed with us for at least 20 minutes before they moved on.

These were actual wild Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins, not trained, fed, or lured into doing something unnatural. It was a truly magical experience to look into their eyes and see them looking back at you as if they were smiling. I thank the wonderful dive masters for making this experience possible. They are truly lucky ones as they get to do this regularly. It was a dream come true for me and a memory that I will cherish forever.

By Nautilus Guests

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