Fabulous Diving Encounters – Know Guest Experiences First-Hand

When you are diving in search of amazing sea creatures, there is no better way to get a feel of the incredible encounters than knowing directly from people who have been through it all – our Guests.

Here is a compilation of personal experiences that they have been through and how exciting it was for all of them.

Guest Paige

Whale shark day! Day 3 is done, got to see some sea lions at La Reyna, and the whale sharks started feeding at the surface earlier. Too many puffer fish to keep count (yay!). Can’t wait for San Pedro Martin tomorrow!!

Guest Xiangfei & Yiheng

Today we did four dives and had a wonderful time with sea lions. It was a magical experience to see those amazing wild animals underwater which we had never imagined before.

Guest Rafael

Diving with the Nautilus Belle Amie has been nothing short of amazing! The crew has been very professional and has ensured that passenger safety comes first. The chef is extremely talented and has served a wide variety of cuisines. The hostesses checked on us during every meal to make sure we were enjoying ourselves to our fullest potential. The cabins were refreshed with fresh towels during some of our dives. We had hot chocolate, tea, and snacks waiting for us after every dive as well.

The diving itself has been phenomenal. Juan David, Eline, and David have all made me feel very safe and ensured that we got the best out of every dive. Juan David was able to point out a huge, pregnant whale shark from the distance and we were able to get a glimpse of it up close. Eline does a fantastic job checking on everyone’s air consumption during the dives, while still pointing out even the smallest nudibranchs on the reefs.

David has also been an excellent dive master, pointing out many sharks, lobsters, and other wildlife. These have been some of the best dive masters I have had the privilege of diving with, and I hope to come back during humpback whale season. Thank you, Nautilus, for an amazing trip!

Guest Ryan

The past 3 days have been beyond memorable than I had anticipated. From enjoying delicious food, that I would not typically eat, to meeting new people, speaking with the crew, enjoying some simple relaxation on the boat, and of course, the water has been amazing.

On this visit, I have seen things that I have never encountered before; from the sea lions on our second dive and whale sharks that we were able to snorkel with. It was fantastic to be able to be so close to such a cool animal.

I am super excited to continue diving for the rest of the week and make memories with everyone that is involved.

By Nautilus Guests

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