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  • A manta ballet in Socorro

    New and Repeat Guests are Blown Away at Socorro

    So, this was my first liveaboard experience. WOW! It doesn’t get any better than this! The diving was unbelievable! Mantas galore and I swear they mimic the divers.

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  • A playful sea lion with beautiful eyes at Cedros Island

    Guadalupe-Socorro Combo Trip Kicks off the Socorro Season

    We had Great Whites in Guadalupe, lots of California Sea Lions on the way down south, now Giant Mantas and Silky sharks and dolphins…all in one trip, and the best still lays ahead.

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  • Giant Mantas at Socorro

    Socorro Welcomes Back our Guests

    The Boiler is still great for manta diving. Every dive had 2 black mantas, 1-2 chevron oceanic mantas. Jacks still have great formations and lots of lobsters, big moray and angelfish.

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  • The giant manta was laughing at me

    Fantastic morning on the water. Solo snorkeler on board, but great experience today. Mantas on the surface, curious dolphins, and a WHALE SHARK! Couldn’t ask for more. Thanks to Captain Shaun and crew for looking after me. –Anastasia Valos Mantas, mantas and more mantas!! The afternoon dives were incredible. Giant mantas coming and going around us all the time. Lobsters, school of jacks and hammerheads. Water is perfect, clean and hot. Can wait for tomorrow dives. Wish my Corujito were here with me. Next time. 😉  –Ana Flavia Pantalena Incredible experience! I could not believe that we spent almost 1 hour dancing with mantas! Mantas all around, also white tip sharks doing their part…. I don’t want to wake up…  –Damian Ramallo Today I was dancing with Giant Mantas. Now, anyone that knows me knows, I can’t dance. So here is how it happened. I was singing loudly underwater and a couple of Mantas came over, looking at me like “seriously dude!? Don’t you know that your singing is not only a crime against humanity but the entire animal kingdom?” So I immediately stopped and started dancing with them. This caused one of them to shake his entire body, fintip to…

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  • Why do we have to leave? Damn that nitrogen narcosis.. The giant manta is the most gorgeous, graceful fish in the sea!

    December 11th, 2013 Bright and Early before Sunrise, up comes the Anchor at San Benedicto, the Canyon.  Socorro Island.  To the Boiler we go!  Around the corner on the east end of San Ben about a mile off, lies an awesome pinnacle in 150ft of water right to 15ft below the surface.   Clearly able to see the jutting reef from the skiff at the surface (even on a day of “bad” vis), making a free decent more then easy.  Even though, its a rather small pinnacle, and you could do lap upon lap in a single dive; I guarantee you won’t!  You’ll be happy right in almost a single set point in the water.  I know we were this morning!  First dive of the day, we all topple off the zodiac into the water, right atop the pinnacle, yet also able to see the bottom 150 down! Before we even have ourselves oriented from our back roll, a giant Manta, easy 14ft wingspan, glides past us.  Oh boy, was this ever a surprise! especially after not having much luck at the canyon the day prior.  But, the mantas must have been waiting for us at the boiler because all day…

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  • Hola from Silvia – one of everyone's favourite hostesses!!!!

    I’m back again, I’m Silvia from the Nautilus Explorer, finally we are back at Socorro Island after some great trips in Guadalupe!!!! It was a super trip with good weather, sea conditions and fantastic diving!!! This is the  boiler, one of my favorite dive sites of San Benedicto Island… the visibility was almost 120 feet clear. I went around the rock, saw a lot of different types of fish, lobsters and I had a little bit of swell, but it was really fun and in my safety stop I had a beautiful companion for a while!! A beautiful manta at my shoulder…. 🙂 Nice to be diving one more time….

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  • Divemaster report from the Boiler dive site at San Benedicto Island (Socorro)

    Vis: 100 ft – 140 ft Temp: 82 degrees Weather: raining at morning,cloudy,bit windy but warm enough. Seas: bit chopy at morning, soft swell Comments: Manta day, since the first dive till the last. Manta’s all the time and in the last 2 dives, 3 mantas together outstanding interaction with the divers, first dive dolphins all around, plus white tip reef sharks, octopus, bunch of lobsters and some hammerhead sharks being curious!! All of our guests are so happy with the stuff they saw today even when they were sad because it was not possible to do the hammerheads station at the canyon because the weather… at the end they said it is one more reason to come back to Revillagigedos onboard of the Nautilus Explorer, all are very happy in general with the trip!!!! – DM JJ

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