Guest Stories of Incredible Diving Experiences onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

Guests have a blast diving with fascinating sea creatures from aboard the Nautilus. Here are a couple of their first-hand accounts.

Guest Brandon Scott

The First Night Dive of My Life

Last night we got to do a night dive, my first, and it was a great experience. I spotted three green moray eels, large hermit crabs, one that was changing shells, and beautiful black and red lobsters. We got swarmed by tiny fish nibbling on the plankton around us. We also knelt in a circle with our lights covered so we could experience the glow as we waved our hands around. Once we came up, we got an amazing view of the night sky and a serenade from the sea lion colony.

It was a blast! Divemaster Rouslam showed us what to do and made it an unforgettable, stress-free experience! Saw eels, lobsters, scorpion fish, puffer fish, and sea lions among other things. And the bioluminescent algae and the stars once we surfaced were the cherries on top!

Swimming with the Whale Sharks – A Memorable Moment

Today we got to jump in the water to snorkel and swim with young whale sharks. Some of them stayed in an easy bank so we could relax and enjoy their presence. Others decided to race and made us work to catch up to them. They are beautiful creatures and I am lucky to have been able to swim with them.

Swimming with whale sharks is an unforgettable experience that I will NEVER forget. The whole experience of spotting them, getting you in front of them, and then jumping in to have them cruise next to you as you swim to keep up is amazing. An experience I hope to do again, next time with my daughter when she is older! Thanks, Nautilus, especially the crew of the Belle Amie!

This was a great day.

Guest Blog Frederick Garcia

What a great day here on the Belle Amie! We did three dives. On the first one, we saw so many fish. A huge school of at least 100 barracuda and so many more beautiful fish! On the second and third dive, we had sea lions interacting with us! It was so much fun! They were doing flips, zig-zagging, and swimming all around us! We saw turtles and moray eels too. And to top it all off we experienced a magical sunset!

Cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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