Amazing Underwater Sightings Diving off Roca Partida – First-Hand Guest Experience

Roca Partida is among the best dive sites in the world, abounding with exotic sea creatures. Here is a first-hand account from a guest diving in this location, more than enough to make memories of a lifetime.

Unique Sightings at Roca Partida

The unique sighting of a green sea turtle at Rocka Partida was a great surprise. The best encounter to date has been with the giant mantas (I could go on but it is something you must experience for yourself in order to truly understand). Pascal’s experience and expertise regarding mantas and sharks were superior to anything I learned about the cartilaginous fish class.

We have just finished 2nd of 4 dives at Roca Partida on our 4th day of diving with the Nautilus team. This has been an excellent experience from start to finish with this extremely skilled and hard-working crew of professionals. Our evening marine life lectures from Pascal (Manta Rays one evening, Sharks another) were great. We have had the experience of interacting with Manta rays in their environment, swam with dolphins, and saw numerous shark species (hammerhead, silky, white tip, silver tip, Galapagos, and tiger).

Roca Partida has been a highlight with the massive schools of Pacific Creole, schools of jack, Trevally, and Yellowfin Tuna (some 4+5 ft in length) in the thousands being corralled by a school of about 50 Silky Sharks!

Check Out Dive with Dolphins!!! Super Nice 🙂

San Benedicto was the first stop on this trip, diving Fondeadero for the checkout dive, and Canon the rest of the day. Hammerheads, a couple of mantas, one chevron and one black; silver tips, Galapagos, and Dusky shark at the cleaning station. We all had fun today, tonight we are having the TACO NIGHT!

Great Hospitality Onboard the Nautilus

The diversity of the crew is a perfect fit and they all work together to make this the best trip anyone has ever taken!  I have greatly appreciated the knowledge of the entire crew and the crew conversations have been wonderfully insightful.  I hope to come back to Nautilus to join another adventure.  Even the captain, Ramon, interacted with everyone and always asked if anything could be better…NOTHING!!!  Thank you so very much to the entire crew aboard the Nautilus Explorer!

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