A Dive Master’s Narrative of Diving Off the Amazing Socorro Islands

Socorro Islands is one of the most isolated and best dive sites in the world and there is no better person than a dive master, who is on the job every day, to detail the wonderful experiences that this place has to offer the adventurers and visitors. Let us read on!

Exciting Dives at Roca Partida

We are about to finish our season in Socorro. We are having an excellent time, with nice weather, and lots of good dives. Today at Roca Partida, during dive one, we got to see a big whale shark! Also, we saw lots of jacks, big tunas, and silvertip sharks. Later during our second dive, a chevron manta came to see us for a little bit. The third and fourth dives were more relaxed with no current but still got to see white tip sharks, 5-foot yellowfin tunas, wahoos, jacks, octopuses, big lobsters, silvertip sharks, and Galapagos sharks.

When we were about to go for our safety stop, down from the deep blue something big emerged! A few seconds later I was able to identify the shape of a massive whale shark! She was not very long but was thick! big! and for sure pregnant! She came very gently and slowly to our depth, passed in front of us, and then leisurely went back to the deep blue in the depths of Roca Partida!

This is also the best time for whale sharks at Roca. What would you say if I told you that in a single dive today in Revillagigedo, we had two different whale sharks? One was a baby of about 3 meters and the other was at least 10 meters (male). But this was not enough for us as we had at least 4 different mantas swimming with us, Galapagos sharks, white tip sharks, and so many fish!!

We are all really excited and happy about these dives. Late May and June are great months to dive in Socorro! I would say it is whale shark time!! Every day is amazing at Socorro. Just on a check dive we got to see tiger sharks, mantas, tons of white tip reef sharks, and lobsters. It is truly surreal. The following three dives were even more magical as it was my first encounter with a hammerhead shark! Not to be outdone, there were many Mantas constantly coming by to say hello and a family of dolphins casually swimming by.

Great Hospitality Aboard the Nautilus

Also, cannot say enough about how nice and attentive the crew was at Nautilus. The boat itself is super nice – very nice rooms with comfy beds and spacious living rooms and a hot tub to warm up between dives – amazing food and lovely crew making sure you are taken care of every single step of the way. Cannot thank them enough!

I highly recommend to any diver to visit Socorro, a bucket list trip. Also, if you are doing Socorro, it will be hard to find any operator better than Nautilus. Simply the best!!

By Nautilus Crew

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