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  • Manta plays in bubbles at Socorro

    A Tiger Shark and more at The Canyon

    We had a big tiger shark greet us as we were cruising along the lava flow, it was about 12-14ft long. I have never seen so many young silver tips, I counted 18 at one time, plus a dolphin, huge hammerheads and silkies! What a way to do a check out dive!

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  • diver gets a good camera angle of a giant manta near the surface

    Magical Mantas at The Boiler

    Today at El Boiler we had hawksbill turtles, dolphins, mantas, silvertip sharks, galapagos sharks. On our last dive of the day something magical happened. The chevron manta that was checking at us during the last 20 minutes on the dive, came to say goodbye when we left the reef to do our safety stop…

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  • two giant manta rays seemingly doing an aquatic dance together

    Fabulous team & dive masters

    The Dive Masters knowledge of all sites (Coeoiats Cannon, Roca Partida, Punta Tosca, The Boiler and Fondeadero) was invaluable. We were split into 3 dive teams that the dive masters rotated between all groups allowing them to get to know their guests on a one-to-one basis and not just by sight on the boat.

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  • roca partida as seen through two lovely glasses of wine!

    False killer whales head-butting

    But as they approached the boat we realized they were not actually the bottlenoses we’d seen a lot. We then realized they were false killer whales! I was incredibly exciting when 15-20 of them decided to stick around. We even saw two of them head-butting!

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  • a solitary silky shark in the blue

    This beats other night dives!

    I have done many night dives, but the silky snorkel beat any night dives I’ve done. All too often, night dives end up as a search for something interesting. Much time can be spent before some highlight can be seen. But the silky snorkel was completely different.

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  • Friendly bottlenose dolphin rubs up with diver

    Close encounters with dozens of dolphins

    I’ve been diving 30+ years and this was probably one of the best dives I’ve ever done. Pods of a dozen dolphins, playing and entertaining us. Some many close encounters. And if that wasn’t enough, 4-5 Giant Mantas just circling us.

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  • manta ray mid flip over a stream of bubbles

    A chevron manta WOW moment!

    Our big WOW MOMENT was swimming with a 12ft Chevron Manta, taking pictures and being in complete awe of her(?) when suddenly a whale shark appeared out of the blue. A juvenile everyone said. We all got a chuckle of how the manta reacted when the whale shark came in.

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