Diving at The Boiler and the Canyon – An Amazing Experience

When you are diving at the Boiler, no two dives or two days can ever be the same. There is something new on offer every single moment, making the experience what dreams are made of.

Up Close with the Giant Mantas

Our first dive today at the Boiler was an incredible experience. We started by seeing about 6 different mantas on the first dive – two of which were very close to us for more than half of the dive.  They were both chevron females – one medium-sized one and one very large, the largest I have seen in my time here. They circled each other and seemed very curious about the divers, making close passes, and performing acrobatics, rapidly ascending and twirling around and sometimes backflipping, showing us their beautiful bellies. 

There was also a smaller black male chasing around a medium-sized chevron female but they disappeared pretty quickly- we hope that they discover some private space to make baby mantas! At the end of the dive, as we were ascending for the safety stop, we had a quick visit from a small pod of dolphins – about 12 or 15 of them with 2 or 3 babies!!!

However, the icing on the cake experience happened at the end of our manta-packed second dive. We were a little out in the blue off the northwest side of the Boiler, waiting for another manta to grace our presence when I saw a white line appear. For a second, I thought I was seeing a manta belly from the side, but all of a sudden I realized I was looking at the right pectoral fin of a Humpback Whale! It did not stay around for long and made a quick pass by us for about 15 seconds and disappeared into the blue.

I was stunned by the scene before my eyes. Some dive masters have worked years in Revillagigedo without ever seeing a whale so I am overwhelmed with gratitude and feel blessed by this experience.

Sharks, Sharks, and Sharks All The Way

While the first day of diving at the Boiler was manta-filled sightings, it was mainly the sharks that ruled the dives on the second day.

After the first day of incredible encounters with the sea creatures, we were all excited on the second day and expectations were high. As soon as we settled near the bottom, we found a big Tiger Shark waiting for us. What a lightning start to the day! A few minutes later, a couple of Giant Mantas appeared dancing around us. And if that was not enough, a pod of dolphins came to play along with a couple of Hammerhead Sharks that circled the divers. The day’s dives have been one of the best in our lives.

During our dives at the Canyon, we were overwhelmed by the sharks around us. We came very close to lots of silvertips sharks, Galapagos sharks, and a couple of hammerheads. During the last dive in the afternoon, the shark action turned crazy with lots of Galapagos sharks circling the cleaning station. A couple of them were the largest specimens I have ever seen. Though the visibility was short (40 ft) and murky, the current was moderate in the south where we found a bunch of curious silky sharks at the end of the dive.

There could not be a better way to round off our day.  

By Nautilus Crew

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