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  • A black and white shark in the god rays, Photo by Saunders Drukker

    Novice Divers Meet Dolphins, Sea Lions and Sharks!

    Your first time diving and you’re surrounded by great white sharks?!? Only in Guadalupe!

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  • Whale Shark at Socorro by Howard Hall

    Marine Biologist Miguel Meets his First Manta

    And there it was: a beautiful animal, a majestic MANTA, the first one in my life. My heart started beating fast, my breath was taken away, my eyes and mind hypnotized. The best experience of my life, I finally saw my dream in front of me, a moment I have taught about a thousand times, and it came true, I was not dreaming.

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  • great white sparkles in the sun

    Amazing or incredibly insane?

    Amazing or incredibly insane? Our day had a slight change of aquatic guests today. 5 Great white sharks lurking about, each to their own, conceive their plans to steal the bait with a turtle patrolling the zone as if to judge and grade points as to whose tactics deserved the watching crowds cheers. In the middle of all that, a lone sea lion maneuvers and has successfully on numerous occasions, stolen the bait without hesitation and has also annoyed the sharks while at it… The sea lion has been today, in my opinion, the Explorer’s champion. Surround by death, it…

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  • This is my third trip to Guadalupe Island as first mate with the Nautilus Explorer and once again, it is an awesome experience!

    I have been diving all of my life and never thought I would be in the water with great white sharks and loving it.  Truly the best place to see these sharks. Already starting to see the females as well. Along with the sharks, also have seen lots of dolphins, sea lions, sea turtles, yellowfin tuna and a few albatross.  Both crew and guests have been amazing to work with, which make the trips that much more enjoyable.  Never thought I would find a mates job where I also get to dive with great whites regularly. – Tavis Storey –…

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  • New Diving Site at Socorro Island but Lack of Charismatic Megafauna

    Punta Tosca on dive day 4 was also surprisingly quiet and the visibility was low so after 2 dives at the outer point we decided to move the Nautilus up a couple of bays and try a new site. A series of small rocks sticking out of the water with a sheer drop to 120 feet on one side and shallower bays on the other. It proved to be fascinating and several guests saw sea turtles and a “fly by” with a giant manta. Definitely a site that we will repeat but once again the “charismatic megafauna” was elusive.

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