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  • Great White Shark Diving at Guadalupe, Photo by Divemaster Mirko

    Great White Shark Diving with the Family

    With about 15 combined hours in the water, including 7 submersible cage dives, countless pictures and videos, very pruned fingers and having seen five sharks in the water at one time, the Bock family was ready to log it as one of the ‘best days of our lives’ and having ‘far exceeded our wildest hopes.’

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  • Sharks, Dolphins, Weather…Steak?

    Today was our 2nd day at Guadalupe, great day, we did see about 8 different individual great white sharks, as well as 7 dolphins and 2 turtles. The topography of the island is beautiful with clouds being born and cascading down the dramatic cliff faces into the sea, it is incredible weather with very calm seas. At dinner our guest say they do not want to go back to port, I think is not for the sharks, it was because Kike our chef makes a delicious steak…though I enjoyed the desserts more! Tomorrow will be the last day with these…

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  • My favorite animal since dinosaurs

    Early morning of day 3. I don’t sleep too much. Mother nature is way too incredible out here, don’t want to waste the time in bed. Guadalupe is a magnificent landscape, the clouds flow over the mountain top like a waterfall in slo-mo. With this view, even waiting for sharks is eye candy. The last 2 days, a dream came true when I finally met my favorite animal since I ditched dinosaurs in childhood. Perfect weather (a bit windy though) and good visibility under water brought us stunning impressions of the most disgraced (sadly) but imho most powerful and graceful…

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  • Sad Face in the house!

    It’s 6:30 in the morning and the cages are ready to go, I am having a coffee on the back deck, and I think how lucky we are to be in this place. My first round in the submersible cages starts at 8 am, we hit the water and we go down…first minutes with some calm moments but after all I have a big smile in my face because I am seeing next to my cage one of my favorite rock star sharks of Guadalupe… Sad Face is in da house! He is passing around the cages and the wrangling…

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  • Hoping for a breach experience

    With such a great crew catering to our every need we got so pampered I almost forgot we were here for sharks. However, when the sharks came, there was no denying the intensity of the trip took a turn to the serious. In no time, the crew had the cages in the water and divers took to the cages like hermit crabs to a shell. Then the excitement started. The skillful wranglers got the attention of the sharks and the sharks got the attention of the divers. So majestic, yet tranquil, and almost peaceful…at least until they charge the bait…

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  • White Sharks, non-stop, all day

    I can’t recall how many times I’ve been to Guadalupe and I can’t recall it ever being this sharkie. These beautiful, majestic animals are incredible. To just watch them glide by is a sight that never leaves you, a memory that lasts a lifetime. Yesterday was simply the best, we had them from every angle, every level. The wrangling stations on this boat are spot on, both side of the surface cages and the beauty they show is non-stop, all day! I just love this place! – Leigh Cobb, UK Second time on the Nautilus Belle Amie for me, for…

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  • Reviews by Guests Mario & Kenny

    The most amazing shark experience I have experienced so far. Stunning trip, so many sharks that you can see at once. The ship is incredible and comfortable, and the crew is the most professional and friendly you could ever find. I highly recommend you have this experience! – Mario Gomi, Lima, Peru A most outstanding day from sunrise to bed time. The conditions, ship, and crew were amongst the best I’ve experienced in over 16 years of diving throughout the world. I’m a big fan. A guaranteed return customer for sure. Cheers, – Kenny Harrington

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