Sad Face in the house!

It’s 6:30 in the morning and the cages are ready to go, I am having a coffee on the back deck, and I think how lucky we are to be in this place. My first round in the submersible cages starts at 8 am, we hit the water and we go down…first minutes with some calm moments but after all I have a big smile in my face because I am seeing next to my cage one of my favorite rock star sharks of Guadalupe… Sad Face is in da house! He is passing around the cages and the wrangling platforms, he loves to be active around the cages. I hope we have the chance to see him again soon.
– DM Ronald, Nautilus Explorer

By Nautilus Staff

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2 replies on “Sad Face in the house!”

Sweet Sweet Sad Face! He is so awesome! I hope he will be there to say hello on the October 27 Belle Amie trip….see you all soon! Can’t wait to get my Shark ON!!!

Ronald, you are truly a class act. Your kindness and warmth made me feel comfortable and completely at ease. I’ll ID sharks with you any time.

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