My favorite animal since dinosaurs

Early morning of day 3. I don’t sleep too much. Mother nature is way too incredible out here, don’t want to waste the time in bed. Guadalupe is a magnificent landscape, the clouds flow over the mountain top like a waterfall in slo-mo. With this view, even waiting for sharks is eye candy.
The last 2 days, a dream came true when I finally met my favorite animal since I ditched dinosaurs in childhood. Perfect weather (a bit windy though) and good visibility under water brought us stunning impressions of the most disgraced (sadly) but imho most powerful and graceful animal in the world. An almost 4m long shark going for bait just an arms length away is a very unique thing I can’t get enough of.
Yesterday I spent 1 + 2,5h hours in a row in a cage, surfaced and submerged, (switching to German, so I can write faster) hab die Oberflaechenzeit mit shark watching verbracht, (zwischendurch perfektes Essen genossen, Dank an Andrea fuer die besten Steaks der Welt!), und ich hab noch immer nicht genug!
Ich muss los, die Sonne geht auf und die Kaefige sind schon im Wasser. Wir warten gespannt auf die richtig grossen Haie…
– Fabian, Munich Germany

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