Hoping for a breach experience

With such a great crew catering to our every need we got so pampered I almost forgot we were here for sharks. However, when the sharks came, there was no denying the intensity of the trip took a turn to the serious. In no time, the crew had the cages in the water and divers took to the cages like hermit crabs to a shell. Then the excitement started. The skillful wranglers got the attention of the sharks and the sharks got the attention of the divers. So majestic, yet tranquil, and almost peaceful…at least until they charge the bait and breach the water right in front of your eyes!!! What a sight. Very exhilarating and rewarding. Really enjoyed day 1. Looking forward to more tomorrow.
Oh, after a great taco dinner, we looked overboard to see a sea lion playing of the port side for about 10 minutes. Secretly hoping for a breach experience but the sea lion was obviously alone and not in danger. Nice treat in the moonlight and a nice way to end the day.
– Andy Finlay
SLC, Utah, USA

By Nautilus Staff

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