Evolutionary Perfection!

The Nautilus Under Sea arrived at Guadalupe Island just before lunch time, with a welcoming party of dolphins, lifting clouds, and promising blue water. Within just a few minutes of our crew getting to work on putting out the cages, we caught our first sightings of sharks cruising near the surface. Guests crowded eagerly at the back decks shouting, “shark!”, as they watched in anticipation.
On our first submersible dive, we were treated to great passes from at least four different individuals, including two males and two females – one with very obvious feeding scars on her right flank, the other beautifully clean with a few pilot fish leading the way. Cruising through beautiful schools of mackerel and amberjacks, they swam curiously around us and passed closely by the cage as we watched in awe, holding our breaths for a few seconds, before turning and swimming off into the blue again. Evolutionary perfection!
Meanwhile at the surface, the action continued with several breaches and close passes by the cages. A fantastic shark-filled first afternoon at Guadalupe. And if it wasn’t exciting enough…tonight is taco night!
– DM Maya Santangelo, Australia

By Nautilus Staff

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