White Sharks, non-stop, all day

I can’t recall how many times I’ve been to Guadalupe and I can’t recall it ever being this sharkie. These beautiful, majestic animals are incredible. To just watch them glide by is a sight that never leaves you, a memory that lasts a lifetime. Yesterday was simply the best, we had them from every angle, every level. The wrangling stations on this boat are spot on, both side of the surface cages and the beauty they show is non-stop, all day! I just love this place!
– Leigh Cobb, UK

Second time on the Nautilus Belle Amie for me, for sure not the last! It’s the best liveaboard boat I’ve ever had the opportunity to be a guest on, and not at least, it’s the friendliest, most supportive, and most sincere crew members I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.
Before, I was lucky enough to have joined a Nautilus trip to the Socorro islands, (one of the top three of my bucket list) and now I’m doing the White Shark encounters at Guadalupe Island (another one of those three).
It amazes me how increasingly humble I get, knowing about the oceans and especially so about it’s much misunderstood apex predators. Not only because of the amazing and numerous encounters with the many Great Whites here, but also because of the sincere guidance the Nautilus crew share with all the guests.
It’s not even enough or all about the close under water encounters and powerful shark breachings at the surface, the opportunity to be a part of the preservation and protection work enforced by the Mexican authorities, as for example by participating in the shark identification session every afternoon, surely adds an extra dimension to this marvelous trip.
A Great White Thank you to all the Nautilus team!
– Mikael, Sweden

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