Amazing or incredibly insane?

Amazing or incredibly insane? Our day had a slight change of aquatic guests today. 5 Great white sharks lurking about, each to their own, conceive their plans to steal the bait with a turtle patrolling the zone as if to judge and grade points as to whose tactics deserved the watching crowds cheers.
In the middle of all that, a lone sea lion maneuvers and has successfully on numerous occasions, stolen the bait without hesitation and has also annoyed the sharks while at it… The sea lion has been today, in my opinion, the Explorer’s champion. Surround by death, it seems to enjoy their frustration and company. To hear the guests cheer as he swims by between the sharks may have just made it more bold. I have not seen such bravery, or is it all down to years of practice and skills…Incredibly happy guests and crew.
– Captain Apao

Visibility: 30m
Water temperature: 21c
Sky: Partly Cloudy
Sea: NE swell <0.5m Wind - NE 6-10

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