Life goal, Bucket list, Top 10 dive?

Today was the most amazing day of my life, to date. Seeing a White shark for the first time is like being re-born. I was mesmerized by the strength of these gentle giants and completely captivated by their beauty. To be suspended above deep blue water where you can’t tell what’s up or what’s down is unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. I am changed. I am alive.

Unreal! Multiple males and one big female that kept coming back. Got some amazing footage and met some really interesting people. I am so stoked for the next few days and seeing my first great whites in person has been a surreal experience.

So many different amazing Great Whites today, some people would kill to have seen just one of the 100s of looks we got of not one but sometimes several sharks. We’ve become instantly spoiled. Whatever you want to call it lifetime goal, bucket list, top 10 dive, it just happened today here on the Nautilus adventure. As a Marine Biologist and a NAUI instructor, I can say this trip has been top notch so far providing both an excellent learning experience and ultimate vacation.

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