Feeling Fabulous and Ready to Dive!

After a bit of a rocky trip, the Belle Amie arrived yesterday evening on a rising full moon. We set up the cages straight away so we were ready to dive at dawn. Barely 10 minutes of wrangling and the first shark showed up! We saw at least 10 different individuals throughout the day, and about 4 at the same time. It’s been a rich day – we had lots of action on the surface, giving awesome opportunities to take pictures of the Great Whites’ teeth ready to bite on the bait! We had plenty of close ups with the sharks from the submersible cages. Now time for the very famous Taco night on the sun deck! More adventures to follow…
– DM Eline, France.

Woke up feeling fabulous and ready to dive! A full day of being sea-sick on the bumpy trip in, has me feeling like a million bucks today! Lots of great action first thing this morning. I think the sharks were happy we are here!
The yell of SHARK gets everyone excited and running to see! So many big, active sharks this morning. During the first submersible of the day, two large sharks made a pass right past our cage. The shark named Kenric was my favorite of the day, he travels with his little entourage of pilot fish. I got some amazing video and can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow. AND the crew has been AMAZING! They are taking such good care of us, we feel like family!
– Holly Stirling, Sandy, Utah

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Is anyone using a Sealife Micro HD+ camera?
I bought one especially for this trip due to favorable reviews and comparison with gopro on dive sites.
It has a shallow water setting but no zoom so I was curious if anyone there or the crew has had experience with them – did I make a bum purchase or will it likely be good?

While we pride ourselves in knowing a lot about underwater photography, we are not familiar with the Sealife Micro HD+ camera.
If you purchased your camera from a reputable underwater photography source, such as Backscatter for example, we recommend you seek help from them for details on ensuring this camera is going to be best for your specific needs.
We find that Go Pros are excellent cameras for the dive sites we visit.

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