My second trip to Guadalupe

This is my second trip to Guadalupe. That’s right. Number two. Obviously I had a great experience, or I wouldn’t be back right? So good, in fact, that I didn’t think it was going to possible to top.
And I was wrong.
The first day started slow, a few dives went and returned without a sighting, but then things just went crazy! We had a single shark (a big male, around 12 feet) spend hours swimming right outside the surface cages, again and again and again. Everyone, and I mean everyone, got some amazing footage, and everyone ended the day with big smiles.
And what can I say about the crew? The divemasters were amazing (Peter even spent his birthday with us) Sam made us laugh with his shark wrangling talent, Luis and Pierrick were in the water non-stop, man what a day.
And in between it all the amazing housekeepers and chefs took amazing care of us (fun fact: Nubia is the shark whisperer, she was the one that brought the first shark to us and it was constant after that).
What an amazing first day.
-Scott Smith

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