stoic nautilus crew overlooks the waters of guadalupe

It was hard to leave these waters

What can I say about the 1st day? A few words that come to mind are; amazing, spectacular, exciting, overwhelming, happy…lots and lots of happy.
The day didn’t start so busy with the great whites, but I can’t remember one moment that was dull. Our friends (the crew) have been so amazing. They have really made us feel like part of the family. Sam, Peter, Luis, Pierick, Oscar…they didn’t stop until they brought those babies in; or should I say majestic beasts! All the while, they were making us smile.
Throughout the day, Liz & Andrea made sure to prep us amazing meals that kept our tummies feeling yummies (for those of us that could even get out of the water). My beautiful Nubia and Dulce, always so attentive to the needs we didn’t even know we had (PS. Nubia made amazing cookies for us!!!). Imagine hot chocolate and water every time we popped out of the cold water…ummm, PERFECTION!!
Thanks to Jorge (engineer), for handling all the behind the scene things. Lastly but not least; a big thank you to Captain Apao, for getting us here to this most amazing destination and making silent appearances on deck here and there. These guys are what has made the 1st day the very best day. They set the bar high, not going to lie. Can’t wait to see what the 2nd day brings. Let’s not forget, by mid day, these guys brought the sharks and put on the most amazing great white show for us. It was hard to leave these waters…BEST DAY EVER!
PS: Happy birthday Peter!!! I love this trip. I love this crew!
– Tania Machin & Alex Carreno, Miami, FL <3

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