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  • Greeted by Manta Rays

    Greetings from Mobula Rays and Giant Black Manta

    Today was an epic day of diving. The kind that makes your heart smile. On our first dive, we were greeted immediately with mobula rays, and then a beautiful giant black manta that serenaded us the majority of the dive. Amidst the activity some friendly dolphins also checked us out. It was truly breathtaking.

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  • two giant mantas looking playful in the revillagigedo waters, photo by michael pyerin

    Diver’s favourite: Archipelago de Revillagigedo

    When I meet master divers I always ask them to tell me their favorite dive(s). That is how the Archipelago de Revillagigedo moved to the top of my “bucket list”… and it has lived up to its reputation for hugeness – both in size and numbers of the sea life.

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  • Eye-to-eye with the giant mantas

    As a 79 year old diver this is my 5th liveaboard experience…I have dived with Sea Lions, Dolphins, 46 ft Whale Sharks but my all time favourite dives are in the Revillagigedo with the 12 to 16 ft span, 500 lb Giant Manta! This was my second trip to this area and I was NOT disappointed. OK so young juvenile Sea Lions are fun, Dolphins check you out and then move on are exciting. Whale sharks are totally awesome and after diving with them in the Galapagos I could have hung up my fins and called it a day. But for the fact nothing beats looking a Giant Manta in the eye and having him or her return to check you out. My dive master, Rodolfo of Nautilus, had a real knack of being in the right spot at the right time. On this trip we had two five star dives where we were able to play with three Giant Mantas for about 20 minutes each time. We had many four star dives with the Giant Mantas, Dolphins and on one occasion a Whale Shark. If you dive for fun, Giant Mantas are the playmates to dive with and Socorro…

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  • Playing at Cedros Island

    Captains Noon Report – Good afternoon. Sailing to Alijos rock after two morning dive with TONS of Sea Lions at Cedros Island. Guests are so happy to interact with the juvenile Sea Lions. They played for more than 2 hours! – Captain “Mantarey”

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  • Bubble-blowing Sea Lions

    Today we arrived at Isla Cedros a beautiful island which is like the top of a mountain range jutting up out of the surface of the sea. The Pacific was like a pond with just a hint of a breeze and nothing more as the morning sun rose into a perfectly blue sky warming our smiling faces. The island barren and beautiful for it with just a small collection of houses on a rocky point marking the fishing village of Cedros. Apart from there, it is nothing but wilderness… oh and about a million sea lions!! Well maybe a million is an exaggeration but it sounds like it with their barks and groans filling the salty sea air. There are also quite a few elephant seals, which are massive and grow up to 1500kg plus. They also have a unique call where they forcefully breathe out but we cannot think of a word to describe it, so you will have to come and hear it for yourself. But here is where the day gets really good. We went diving with them!! Imagine 20 plus sea lion pups and adolescents swimming around with the occasional fully grown adult coming to see…

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  • The Sea Lions investigate

    Checkout dives started after 1PM this afternoon on the leeward side of Cedros Island. The captain anchored a short distance from a sea lion rookery on the beach and our divers hit the water in full scuba gear after a week in shark cages. Sea lions curiously investigated the group of divers in waves like ground troops in a full frontal assault at a single target. We stood still in the shallow water as sea lions darted around and all over us without a care in the world. There were all these cheerful divers on the deck after two dives at Cedros Island expressing how happy they were to have been in the water surrounded by these wonderful animals and talking about all the unique photo and video opportunities they got on this stop while en route to our final destination. Unlike our regular itinerary, Cedros Island is only done once a year when we do our combo trip as we relocate from Guadalupe to Socorro; and only 22 divers on the Nautilus Explorer were lucky to get this opportunity. Tomorrow we are looking forward to another unique dive as the captain plans on making a dive stop at Benitos…

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  • New Sea Lion friends

    Look who popped in to say hello! Join us and come say hi to our friendly new friends.

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