Spring diving in the Sea of Cortez

Location: Isla san Frnaciscito, Los Islotes (Espirito Santo), Sea of Cortez, Baja California
Comments: Verbatim report from Captain Dave.   A strong norte wind typical of the winter and spring diving season in the Sea of Cortez has been buffeting us for the last 24 hours.  We had a moderately rough crossing from Isla San Franciscito to Los Islotes (closeby Espirito Santo) but were rewarded with an amazing sighting of a baby blue whale. At Los Islotes, we surprised some underwater harvesters fishing illegally.  Unfortunately they took off before we could get a good picture of them.   Our divers had a couple of great dives and saw lots of neat stuff including California sealion pups who came over to play with the divers.   We also saw a huge school of 3 inch silver baitfish that were like a solid mass, parting only as the sealions charged through.  On the surface, snorkelers were surrounded by hundreds of mobula rays measuring 3 feet across.   It was very cool to watch them leap 5 feet out of the water, madly flapping their wings (pectoral fins) and then come splashing down with a loud “SMACK”.  The surprise of the day was finding a 7 inch orange seahorse hiding in the rocks.  Before the night dive, we went for a beautiful sunset beach walk by the mangrove swamp and salt marsh of Bahia Cardone.   A lovely day was had by all.
Weather: Norte wind dying down to 20 knots, seas 4 to 5 feet, air temperature 79°F
Water: Sea temperature 77°F, visibility 10 to 25 feet