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  • A playful sea lion with beautiful eyes at Cedros Island

    Guadalupe-Socorro Combo Trip Kicks off the Socorro Season

    We had Great Whites in Guadalupe, lots of California Sea Lions on the way down south, now Giant Mantas and Silky sharks and dolphins…all in one trip, and the best still lays ahead.

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  • Trip Recap by Lowell

    Had a wonderful season at Guadalupe. Not many people have the opportunity to come within a foot or two of a Great White shark. Countless shark encounters both above and below the water each trip. We had yellow tail, seals and yellowfin tuna alongside the Whites this year. Something special about this area of the world. We ended the Guadalupe season with large females and surprisingly a good number of males. After departing Guadalupe we turned the bow to Cedros Island, where of guests were able to enjoy and laugh with the sea lions, fur and elephant seals that line the coast of the little dove island. It’s hard not to enjoy your dive with sea lions and seals. The pups would gather together at the surface and stare at the divers while blowing bubbles. Underneath we had the pups doing their acrobatic moves as they twisted and looped through out everyone. Visibility was pristine and the topography of the dive site was filled with rocky pinnacles and low lying kelp and sea grass patches. The next day we headed to San Benitos Island, just off Cedros. Diving conditions were perfect. The sun riding high in the blue sky and…

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  • Rocas Alijos is described in the Pilot Book and by the pirate John Clipperton as a dangerous place that should be avoided. We loved it!! 27 Aug 2010. Crew log

    We have left behind 2/3 of our combo trip with great mix of Great White Sharks on Guadalupe Island., and the Rocas Alijos – which are very remote and very seldom visited by dive boats. We are now approaching our next destination – San Benitos Islands. Yes, in this trip we spend  time traveling from one place to another, but it is worth it. Cage diving in Guadalupe Island with majestic Greate White sharks in their natural habitat. When these huge sea animals approach you just a short distance away in crystal – clear water (vis. 140ft+) it is really unforgettable. We spent 3 days there and nobody wanted to leave that beautiful island with its amazing creatures, sunrises and rocks, but the craving for adventure led us ahead to our next destination… The first description of Rocas Alijos or Escollos Alijos is from 1704, by pirate John Clipperton and the most recent survey used in modern charts is from 1837. You can not find much information about this place in Sailing Directions or Pilot Books except for their aproximate position and notations indicating that it is a dangerous place and should be avoided. But can it stop real divers?…

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  • Diving remote Rocas Alijos

    Location: Rocas Alijos, open ocean pinnacle west of Baja California, Mexico. We arrived  remote and mysterious Alijos Rocks finally in flat oily water it made it a little spookey that just upon arrival a mist layed over the rocks. We carefully navigated closer to them and anhored of what seems to be a lava flow ridge at 45 ft , but on the side it was 150 ft. Quickly we set the lines from the aft of Nautilus. I got down my face in the water and loocked forward.  What a viz!!!!! I could see the whole boat and the anchor chain and the ridge thewe where anchored on!!! About 200ft Viz!  Dropping down in this air clear water and landing on the bottom we got surrounded by several redtailed trigger fish and Clarion Angel fish with big bumpheaded Mexican Hog fish so curious that I think all of us got bitten by this little blue devil.  First dive, where are the sharks?  Lots of fish but no sharks. On our way looking for an other divesite we spotted two hammerheads from the skiff. Directly at the surface. We jumped in after them but they where gone in a flash. In the after noon we found…

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  • New dive sites on San Benitos Islands

    Location: San Benitos Islands, Baja California, Mexico. We got up early today to move the Nautilus Explorer to a new place around the corner of San Benitos Island.  We were visited on the way by Mexican fishermen from the local cooperativa who were worried that we would snag their lobster traps or dive for their abalone.  When they saw we were not in that mission, they relaxed and were very friendly and easy.    We found this rock sticking up on the south side of the centre island and anchored right in close in 45 feet on a sand bottom and had rocks and kelp on a very easy but exciting dive site. A big group of young california sealions messed around with us. The kelp was not as thick here as yesterday’s site but very pleasant to jump from one kelp forest to the next with fields of white sand bottom.  On our second dive, we offered to either scuba dive directly off to the back deck of the Nautilus or explore a solitary rock closer towards the east side of the easternmost island.  Half the group elected to jump off the back deck and half went.  On our way, we…

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